Guidepost Christian Tours and Pilgrimages following in he footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles around the world

Guidepost Christian Tours & Pilgrimages invites you to explore the roots of your Christian faith. There is no greater feeling than standing at the very sites where major religious events took place – Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments; Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan, where John the Baptist baptised Jesus; or Greece and Turkey where the Apostle Paul preached.

When you travel with Guidepost Christian Tours & Pilgrimages you know that your trip is designed and organised by people with an intimate knowledge of religious travel and years of experience in arranging specialised tours. Through our journeys, we seek to show that Christianity was and still is a living faith with the power to change people and shape history.

Check our selection of Christian tours and pilgrimages which combine faith based travel while experiencing the local culture and cuisine. Learning about the lives of the most beloved and influential Christians is another magnificent way to deepen your faith.

Some of our pilgrimages include daily devotions or Mass, and are escorted by a Pastor, Biblical scholar or Priest. Our tours are operated by specialist Christian tour operators in their respective country. We have many tours with a general Christian Biblical theme, some with a Protestant focus to suit many denominations and  others are strongly Catholic based.