London to Croatia by Train

6 Nights - Private Tailormade Rail Adventure

Overview: A unique opportunity to travel all the way by train from London to the attractive city of Split located on Croatia’s picturesque Adriatic Coast. A thoroughly…

The Vatican to Valletta

6 Nights

Overview: Welcome to this short but unforgettable journey travelling through the rich history, breathtaking architecture, and awe-inspiring landscapes that define these…

Travel Dates: 28/05/24 - 03/06/24

Offer Expires: 11/05/24



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London to Morocco Rail Adventure

7 Nights - Private tailormade rail adventure

Overview: From the magnificence of St Pancras’ Gothic revival Station to the quintessential capital of exotic Africa that is Marrakesh, relax and watch the world slide by,…

Spanish Symphony by Private Luxury Train

8 Nights - 9 day rail journey through Spain between Santiago de Compostela and Seville. Contact our office for all dates through 2022 & 2023

Overview: Venture deep into the heart of Spain. Lose yourself in its romance, passion and history. Travel in style on one of Europe's most luxurious trains, the Al…

Travel Dates: 16/08/22 - 24/08/22, 20/08/22 - 28/08/22, 28/08/22 - 05/09/22, 01/09/22 - 09/09/22, 23/04/23 - 01/05/23



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The Paradors of Spain by Train

9 Nights - Private tailormade tour

Overview: Spain’s rail network isn’t perhaps as well-known as that of France, but following considerable investment over the last decade or two it now rivals the services…

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

10 Nights - 8 tour departures between May and September each year. Check with our office for dates and prices.

Overview: Aboard iconic rail lines through the mountains and by boat on picturesque lakes, soak in the majestic landscapes of Switzerland as you embark on this grand tour.



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London to Istanbul Rail Adventure

12 Nights - Private taliormade rail adventure

Overview: Our love of exploration leads us to take you east on this odyssey to the furthest reaches of the continent. Two days of luxuriously relaxing to the rocking cadences…

London to Iceland Rail & Sea Adventure

14 Nights - Private tailormade tour

Overview: A unique adventure travelling all the way from the UK by train and ferry to one of Europe’s most exciting destinations – Iceland.

London to Cairo Rail & Sea Adventure

15 Nights - Private tailormade tour

Overview: This amazing tour is an opportunity for intrepid travellers to once again make the journey to Egypt by combination of rail and sea. Firstly, taking the scenic route…

Swiss Alpine Adventure by Rail

15 Nights

Overview: Switzerland’s vertical landscape has long attracted romantics and travellers. The railway revolution of the nineteenth century saw little trains daring to ascend…

Travel Dates: 20/04/24 - 05/05/24

Offer Expires: 20/04/24



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Vienna to the Vatican

17 Nights

Overview: Vienna, once a frontier outpost of the Roman Empire with a rich and glorious history befitting its nickname of The Imperial City, is a fitting launching pad for this…

Travel Dates: 11/05/24 - 28/05/24

Offer Expires: 11/05/24



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London to Beijing Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure

21 Nights - Private tailormade tour

Overview: A unique flight-free adventure from the UK to Beijing. For many travellers to take the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia to Mongolia and China is a…

London to Sudan Rail & Sea Adventure

24 Nights - Private tailormade tour

Overview: A remarkable flight-free adventure from the UK to Sudan. In 1989 the famous British actor and explorer Michael Palin set off from London with a goal to travel around…