Cameroon is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa made up of ancient tribal kingdoms. Visitors can discover rainforests and relaxing beaches in the south, rocky outcrops, terraced hillsides and hobbit-like villages in the north and wildlife of Waza National Park.

Central African Republic is a country of rare natural beauty with some of the worlds most amazing wildlife. The spectacular Boali Waterfalls are a must-see in the wet season. It is also renowned for its ebony sculptures, leather goods and batiks which can be purchased in the capital Bangui.

Chad is one of the world’s poorest nations but visitors will encounter some unique experiences in the capital N’Djamena with its markets, bars and a thriving live-music scene. Photograph the country’s best wildlife in Zakouma National Park or meander through the frontier markets in Mao or Abeche, the gateway to exploring the Sudan.

Chad, Discover Zakouma Tour

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Overview: In the south of Chad sits Zakouma National Park, one of Africa’s best kept wildlife secrets – a little known park in a little known country that harbours huge…

Kingdoms of Cameroon

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Chad, Soul of the Sahara

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Chad, Peaks of Tibesti Tour

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