The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a mass of rainforests, fast running rivers, red clay and dust, covering an area as large as Western Europe. To many travellers it is mysterious but also Africa’s most adventurous destination. Everyone should experience colourful Kinshasa or travel by barge to Kisangani along the Congo River, the real highway of Central Africa.

Republic of Congo Odzala Discovery Tour

8 Nights - Departs every Sunday and Wednesday

Overview: Close to the geographical “Heart of Africa“, our tour visits the renowned Odzala National Park, a national park in the Cuvette-Ouest Region. A place of…

DR Congo - Congo River Expedition

15 Nights - expeditions in August

Overview: The ultimate Congo experience – a voyage on the mighty Congo River from the city of Lisala to Kisangani. The expedition takes in remote villages, some of the…