North Korea (DPRK) is a country which broadens the mind of most travellers. Korea’s history spans over 5000 years. Due to its strategic geographical location, neighbouring China, Japan and Russia, the peninsula has often been the field of battle of foreign powers and as now inextricably enmeshed in the global political climate.  There are no restrictions for you to visit however sightseeing is strictly controlled making independent travel extremely difficult unless you are travelling as part of a group with an experienced guide who is able to negotiate on your behalf. United Nations, European Union and other agencies see any contact we have with the North Korean people has to be beneficial in breaking down barriers, particularly as many people outside Pyongyang have not seen let alone interacted with foreigners. Very few journalists are allowed into North Korea so the amazing experiences you will embrace there are rarely publicised. It is not a country that many people visit, and there is virtually no information available about it.

On our tours amazing things happen such as tourists joining in folk celebrations with the Koreans on their day off. Tourists have experienced the most magical times including impromptu football matches with workers, playing with local Korean children, being approached by Koreans who practice broken English on them. In the West we portray the North Koreans as a very humourless and robotic people, however this stereotype is soon broken if you travel there. They are a very proud people and although their life is a struggle their humour and warmth is unsurpassed.