Located in the heart of Bangkok, the medical hub of Southeast Asia, MedPark is Thailand’s newest private hospital. This 550-bed facility provides the full range of sub-specialties with the latest technology to meet the needs of international clients in a relaxed and peaceful environment that soothes patients, their families and visitors while also enabling doctors, nurses, medical staff and all hospital employees to work at optimum capacity.

MedPark Hospital supports education and research to advance medical staff knowledge in a continuous manner in order to enhance patient treatment and care, to foster critical patient care, to prepare for difficult and complex disease treatment and to work towards quaternary care and serve as a foremost medical facility in Southeast Asia.

Operating under TPP Healthcare International Co., Ltd. MedPark Hospital has the over-riding objective of drawing together the potential of healthcare personnel to provide patient treatment at full capacity, following the principle of Integrated Care within multi-disciplinary teams. MedPark works to the highest levels of standards and safety.

MedPark Hospital has medical professionals and executive teams with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. MedPark Hospital is led by Pongpat Patanavanich M.D, who holds the position of Managing Director at Mahachai Hospital Public Company Limited which received Thailand Sustainability Investment Award for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. Pongpat Patanavaich, M.D., was also a former President of the Thai Private Hospital Association (TPHA) and one of the ASEAN Private Hospital Association founders. The hospital collaborates with Professor Sinn Anuras, who holds Hospital Director and Chief Executive Officer positions and is also a former professor at the University of Iowa Medical School and Texas Tech University Medical School, USA. Professor Sin was also a former executive committee of international private hospitals and a pioneer that initiated Medical Tourism in Thailand. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 from Hospital Management Asia.

Allergy Centre

Catering to the increasing number of patients consulting medical specialists for a wide range of allergic and immune diseases, MedPark offers comprehensive treatment specifically designed for each age group by highly experienced allergy specialists. We are committed to providing our patients with compassionate, state-of-the art medical care in a warm and friendly environment.

At MedPark, our specialists have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating conditions from common allergies to complex and rare pathologies as well as those related to immunosuppression and immunodeficiency that can drastically affect an individual’s quality of life.

Recognizing that each patient has unique needs, the specialists look at family background, health history and undertake a physical examination to find the root cause of the symptoms so they can address the real problem. Short, medium and long-term treatment plans tailored to the individual are then prescribed.

Our team of physicians apply various advanced techniques in diagnosis including the skin prick test, also called a puncture or scratch test, which uses needles that barely penetrate the skin’s surface. This testing is not painful and causes no bleeding, with the patient experiencing no more than momentary discomfort. Other diagnostic tools include a blood test, a spirometry test to diagnose lung conditions and modern lab tests which enable the physician to build a profile of the patient’s health information and plan treatment over the next five years.

To help children and infants with food allergies, the specialists work closely with paediatricians and GI specialists to analyse reactions to cow’s milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, wheat flour, seafood or irritants. The specialists focus on restoring the body’s functions to improve immunity rather than merely relying on allergy medication.

Today, adults and even children with allergies can safely take oral medicine or use a nasal spray over a prolonged period. Nevertheless, our specialists place emphasis on changing the patient’s behaviour especially in relation to food and environment to reduce allergic reactions. The ultimate goal is to have patients manage their allergic symptoms without continual reliance on drugs.

Breast Clinic

MedPark has only the top breast surgeons in the country. Many are recognized as experts in oncologic breast and thyroid cancer surgery domestically and internationally.

MedPark breast surgeons believe that treatment is most efficacious when there is a team of talented members from various medical fields such as breast surgeons, reconstructive plastic surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, rehabilitation medicine physicians, medical geneticists, nutritionists and specialized nursing team for holistic care of patients.

MedPark Hospital was established to assemble medical experts from all fields, installing state-of-art technology, forming a team of physicians with experience, knowledge and with the same determination for effective and agile patient treatment and care. MedPark had a resolution to promote research and develop healthcare personnel,  recognising a way to create benefits on a broader scale by taking part in transforming MedPark Hospital to a centre of medical excellence in treatment, innovation, healthcare professional training and knowledge transfer to the new generations.

Cardiology Centre

Heart disease is the third highest cause of death among Thai people and in recognition of this fact, the MedPark Hospital’s Cardiology Centre offers the very highest of standards in treating heart disease while also helping patients prevent coronary problems by adapting to and managing a heathy lifestyle. The centre is staffed by Thailand’s leading cardiology specialists in every field who work together to guarantee efficient prevention and treatment using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. It is therefore well prepared to treat all patients including those with complicated heart conditions.

The medical workforce at the MedPark Hospital’s Cardiology Centre comprises highly experienced medical specialists in all related fields. Backed by solid expertise, they are ready to treat all types of heart problems including coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndrome, chronic heart failure, heart-valve disorders, arrhythmia and other heart/coronary conditions. The Cardiology Centre has the capacity to treat complicated heart diseases or symptoms that require expertise and extra accuracy including sophisticated endovascular repair.

The MedPark Hospital’s Cardiology Centre has selected state-of-the-art and highly efficient devices such as the Bi-Plane Angiogram, which enables medical personnel to clearly see the blood vessels. The centre has also installed a special X-ray machine inside its hybrid operating theatres to enable doctors to perform surgery with greater accuracy and convenience. The well-equipped facilities enable fast and accurate percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, which can be conducted in parallel with heart surgery without the need to move the patient to another operating theatre.

Backed by the MedPark Hospital’s strengths, the Cardiology Centre pursues constant development to establish itself as the hub of certified cardiologists and blood-vessel specialists, to support the development of medical personnel, to conduct research and to pave way for it to become Thailand’s medical facility of choice in the future.

Critical Care Centre

MedPark Hospital is ready to care and treat critically ill patients 24/7 in a dedicated self-contained area of the hospital, adhering to the principle of teamwork together with the efficient use of advanced medical equipment combined with the expertise and experience in saving lives of patients with life threatening conditions. There is also a team of emergency medical specialists backed by a multidisciplinary team of critical care physicians ready to provide care for all emergency patients coming through the hospital door round the clock.

MedPark has as many as 130 ICU and CCU bed spaces, or 30% of the total hospital bed capacity, the largest single critical care unit in the country. To date 65 of these are open. Critical care nurse will closely and continuously monitor the patient at 1:1 ratio from a nurse station located immediately adjacent to the glass wall of the ICU unit for timely assistance and intervention. There is also a special acuity convertible 18-room ward that can be instantly transformed into an ICU so that patient can remain with their families and simultaneously receive critical medical and nursing care.

Extra-large, spacious modern operating room to accommodate ever increasing high-tech ancillary surgical instruments for modern surgical procedures requiring multidisciplinary collaboration among surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, nurses and radiology technicians. The operating room is designed for cleanliness, sterility, safety, optimal pressure, temperature, and humidity control meeting or exceeding international standards.

State-of-the-art Hybrid OR enables diagnostic and treatment processes to take place simultaneously reducing treatment time and blood loss conducive to a faster recovery. It is especially suitable and advantageous for high risk patients with complex disease who are not candidate for traditional open surgery. The hybrid OR is equipped with Artis Icono Biplane Interventional Angiography System providing images that clearly delineate the size and precise spatial location of blood vessels as well as its pathology. The operating table move in sync with the angiography system for rapid workflow; its carbon fibre tabletop provide full length x-ray transparency allowing whole body intervention in multiple specialties spanning from neurological, cardiovascular to radiological intervention.


Anaesthesiologists play a vital role in ensuring the safety of patients undergoing surgery or medical procedures in both regular and emergency cases, and in all surgical fields. MedPark therefore has selected a team of anaesthesiologists with extensive experience and expertise in subspecialties including cardiac anaesthesia and paediatric anaesthesia as well as in the use of state-of-the-art technology.

At MedPark, the preanesthetic evaluation is the most important stage. Based on ASA (American Society of Anaesthesiologists), the international standards of the medical practice of anaesthesiology, the anaesthesiologists ensure the patients will be ready for their operations, reduce postoperative or aesthetic-related complications and thereby accelerate patient recovery.

In addition, the anaesthesiologists will work closely with the surgeons for general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia before, during and after the procedure with the aim to keeping the patient safe and comfortable. The effective anaesthesia care will also help the surgeons deal confidently with any complications that might occur. Clinical anaesthesiologists and nurse anaesthetists are on duty at all times of day and night.

Prior to elective surgery, the anaesthesiologists will help the patients relax and feel confident about their safety. They will also explain plans for paediatric anaesthesia to parents to reduce distress. In the case of newborn babies or infants with very low birth weight, anaesthesia requires a highly experienced neonatal paediatric anaesthesiologist.

Eye Care Centre

MedPark Hospital’s Eye Care Centre offers diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases including pterygium, cataracts, glaucoma, vitreous degeneration, macular degeneration, external eye disorders involving the eyelids and eye muscles, as well as complex conditions such as cancer. Staffed by Asia’s leading ophthalmologists and with a focus on modern medical technologies and patient-centric care, the Eye Clinic’s mission is to deliver the best treatment and bring clear vision to patients so as to improve quality of life and independence.

Doctors at the MedPark Hospital’s Eye Care Centre have enjoyed recognition across Asia for their exceptional expertise in treating eye diseases such as pterygium, cataracts and glaucoma, conditions common among Asians. Thanks to the rapid adoption of new technologies, ophthalmologists in Asia, and especially in Thailand, have accumulated extensive experience and solid expertise in the field.

Clear vision plays a key role in one’s ability to live life to the fullest. Ophthalmologists at MedPark Hospital thus place great importance on accurate diagnosis and treatment, adopting state-of-the-art technology to treat diseases or conditions affecting the patient’s eyesight. To ensure accurate and faster corrective surgery, advanced technologies such as Wavefront Laser are used to check the patient’s visual acuity score during an operation. Many other instruments are also available at the Eye Clinic to confirm treatment results. Patients therefore can be rest assured that they will get the most appropriate lens for their eyes and clear vision.

The Eye Care Centre understands that each patient has a different lifestyle and needs. Some are sportspeople, others care most about image and yet others spend long hours in front of a computer. Treatment methods and results differ widely but are always based on responding to each patient’s individual needs. Ophthalmologists attached to the Eye Care Centre have put their expertise and experience into designing the clinic’s foundations and prescribing the very best care.

Ear Nose & Throat Clinic

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Dental Centre

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Endocrinology Clinic

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Gastrointestinal & Liver Centre

MedPark Digestive Diseases Centre of Excellence is staffed by an outstanding team of experts in diverse gastrointestinal subspecialties including endoscopy, hepatology, and motility. The team also well collaborates with paediatricians, radiologists and surgeons who experienced in diagnosing and treating all GI diseases with a unique skill in caring those rare and complex conditions.

he MedPark Gastrointestinal and Liver Centre is committed to providing the excellent care with patient first as the team priority.

Firm believers in the collaborative care approach, the specialists work together as a team to provide every aspect of care ranging from consultation, prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation. Each doctor will spend time listening to and answering patients’ questions clearly and thoroughly, taking the information provided during each session to prepare precision medicine approach tailored to the specific needs of patients with different health problems and personal situations. At MedPark, your health and safety are our primary concern. With colorectal cancer today the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Thailand, MedPark offers a gastrointestinal screening colonoscopy service using the

Conditions and Gastrointestinal Diseases :

Gastric disorders * Gastritis * Gastric and esophageal cancer * GI infections * Achalasia * Inflammatory bowel diseases, GI bleedings * Rectal bleeding * Diarrhea * Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) * Gallstone, Cholecystitis, Cholangitis * Hepatitis * Pancreatic cancer * Fatty liver * Colonic polyps * Colorectal cancer * Liver cancer * Cholangiocarcinoma

Geriatric Clinic

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Dermatology and Aesthetic Clinic, Hair Centre

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Hair Restoration Clinic

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Health Screening Centre

MedPark Hospital provides health screening services for people of all ages and genders. The particulars of health check-ups are different for each age range and the risk factors for developing diseases. Primary health screening aims to discover hidden risk factors that are not outwardly obvious, especially for complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Early detection and timely prevention can reduce the likelihood of developing diseases and complications. Once a disease is detected, the patient will be referred to an experienced medical specialist for prompt treatment.

provide personalized advice and care plan to prevent health issues that may arise from personal behaviours and genetics. This can be gleaned from family history of close relatives especially for common hereditary diseases, observable phenotypic abnormalities, past anomalous findings, and lifestyle that may contribute to emergence of diseases. For example, in individual whose family members were diagnosed with cancer or diabetes and those who habitually drink alcohol or smoke cigarette.

Health Screening Centre provides check-ups through blood testing, x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram (EKG), disease markers, complete blood count, lipid profile, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), liver and kidney function tests, and many more. We offer one-stop services; patients do not have to leave the Health Screening Centre for testing in other centres, making it convenient, fast, and safe for patients.

Haemodialysis Centre (Private Bed)

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Imaging Centre

The right beginnings mean a higher success rate, with accurate diagnosis critical to high-quality medical services. MedPark Hospital’s Imaging Center has been designed to provide the best possible services including diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, to help medical teams raise the bar in their practice, thus increasing the patient’s quality of life. MedPark Hospital’s Diagnostic Radiology Department is staffed by more than 20 experienced specialists and has radiologists on duty around the clock. Advanced instruments and technology including CT Scan, MRI, or examination which integrates several techniques together to provide more accurate and faster diagnosis. This also allows specialists to control the radiation dose and the treated area in order to minimize impacts on surrounding healthy tissue.

To meet its goal of being a private hospital of choice offering the highest quality medical services, MedPark Hospital’s Imaging Centre has carefully recruited team members with at least five years of experience in their specialty areas. They are part of the multi-disciplinary team and work closely with experts from other departments in order to understand the root cause of the individual patient’s condition and illness. Information from the Imaging Centre, clinical information, and patient history taking are combined to provide a comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition and illness, thus allowing the multi-disciplinary team to come up with appropriate treatment and efficient patient care.

All machines at the Imaging Centre are digitalized and the latest models in their range. They include Digital X-ray Optima 646HD, Mobile X-rayXR240amx, Ultrasound Logiq E10 and E9, Bone Bensitometry, MRI 3 T MAGNETOM Vida, CT SOMATOM Go Top, CT SOMATOM DRIVE, PET CT Biograph Horizon, SPEC CT Symbia Intevo 6 Selenia Dimensions, and Selenia workstation.

Advanced radiology technology allows for minimum use of contrast media and lowers the radiation dose while maintaining high quality imaging for efficient diagnosis. Thanks to the lower contrast media and radiation dose, paediatric patients, those with kidney disease, patients requiring radiotherapy every three or six months, and patients undergoing annual checks for lung cancer will enjoy lower risks of side effects from contrast media and damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The latest CT Scan machine at MedPark Hospital is much faster than its predecessors and can complete scanning in less than one minute. This is more comfortable for patients who cannot hold their breath or stay still for longer periods during the scan.

Infectious Diseases Centre

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Internal Medicine Centre

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Laparoscopic Surgery Centre

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. It is an innovative technology that has been refined and developed over the years to enable surgeons to perform key-hole surgeries without a large incision as were the cases previously. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures through laparoscopic surgeries have gained popularity and are an alternative way of treatments that enable the patient to return to normal activities with a better quality of life in a shortened time frame. Laparoscopic surgeries help surgeons to visualize anatomic details of deep-seated and hard-to-reach internal organs with relative ease. Medical grade 4K video screen displays lifelike clear images for accurate, rapid diagnosis, and treatment.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

Smaller incision… The incision is substantially smaller compared to open surgery. The usual lengths of incisions are merely 0.5-1.0 cm.
Hurting less… The postoperative pain is much milder and lasts for a shorter period than traditional open surgeries enabling faster recuperation, expeditious return to work, and activities of daily living.

MedPark Hospital Laparoscopic surgery centre offers the following services:General Surgery Department

Surgery of the biliary tract and liver
Gastric and intestinal surgery
Surgery of the colon and rectum
Hernia surgery

Surgery for the kidneys and adrenal glands
Renal pelvis and ureteric surgery
Bladder and prostate surgery
Surgery for urinary tract stones

Hysterectomy and ovarian surgery
Uterine cervix surgery

Spine surgery
Shoulder surgery
Knee and ligaments surgery

Light of Day Oncology Centre

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Light of Day Radiation Oncology Centre

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Nephrology Centre

Kidney disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in Thai people. It is estimated that approximately 8-10 million Thai people have kidney disease. The Integrated Nephrology Center at MedPark Hospital carefully selects teams of doctors, nurses, and staff with over ten years of experience to work together deploying modern equipment with the same standard as the world’s leading private hospitals. This makes the Nephrology and Hemodialysis Center at MedPark Hospital in position to help patients carry on their lives despite kidney disease while maintaining good life quality and strong mental health.

MedPark Integrated Nephrology Centre is a specialized centre providing comprehensive care to kidney disease patients ranging from screening test, diagnosis, follow-up care, to caring for patients with stage V kidney disease who require haemodialysis. The centre is equipped with the same model of cutting edge equipment meeting JCI standards as many of the world’s leading private hospitals.

The doctors at the centre are Thailand leading nephrologists who were educated and had undergone specialty training in the United States with certification by the American Board of Nephrology. They also work closely with integrated, multidisciplinary teams of doctors or specialists in all related fields, such as heart diseases, diabetes, hematologic diseases, and dietitians working as a team to clearly discern patient condition and to determine the most effective treatment method and care with the main objectives of preventing diseases from developing for patients who do not have any abnormalities related to their kidneys, to slow the progression of the disease when the kidneys are abnormal, and to provide care for patients requiring haemodialysis when kidney disease reaches stage V, as well as kidney transplant surgery.

Kidney disease patients often have comorbidities or are in a state that requires special care, such as patients with blood hypercoagulability and kidney transplant patients with certain viral infections. Nephrologists at the centre are experienced and eager to provide care and adjust treatment methods or medications in a timely manner to reduce the risk to the patient’s life and accomplish an effective treatment outcome. On top of that, they also collaborate with other specialists to further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

MedPark Nephrology Centre is disposed to care for patients like family members. With over ten years of accumulated expertise and experience of the doctors and nurses, using modern equipment with the same standard as the world’s leading private hospitals to make kidney disease patients feel at ease and able to lead their life with quality and without concern.

Neurology Clinic

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Neurosurgery Clinic

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Nuclear Medicine Centre

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Obstetric & Gynaecology Clinic

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic at MedPark Hospital is in position to take good care of pregnant women and fetuses like our own relatives. The clinic is outfitted with modern diagnostic equipment and therapeutic instrument, accoutered with amenities in a relaxing, highly private environment designed and built with true understanding of the needs of both the patients and families. The clinic services are divided into two sections: obstetrics and gynaecology.

MedPark Gynaecology Department is prepared to provide care for patients of all ages with gynaecological diseases, covering health examination, diagnosis, prevention, and gynaecological diseases treatment. The department is well-provided with amenities and facilities to create a highly pleasant, private ambience.

MedPark Hospital is a standout in caring for complex gynaecologic diseases providing diagnosis and treatment to difficult, problematic diseases, such as ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cancer of unknown primary, and postpartum haemorrhage attributable to the preparedness of seasoned gynaecologic specialists with years of experience working as a multidisciplinary team, supported by cutting-edge technology of the laboratories, medical equipment, and critical care room aiming for the highest patient safety and fastest recovery.

Teams of gynaecologic specialists adopt a treatment approach that uses new technology in diagnostic screening and utilize surgical technique that minimize tissue trauma, such as small incision surgery, endoscopic surgery, incisionless surgery, ambulatory surgery, and ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) care pathway, which reduces surgical stress response; the care pathway is an integrated continuum of taking care of patients both before and after surgery. This minimizes tissue injuries, optimizes physiologic function, and facilitates patient recovery.

Cervical and ovarian cancers are lurking silent dangers that lead to increased mortality. For this reason, MedPark gynaecologists encourage women to recognize the importance of getting regular screenings for early detection and treatment as well as diseases prevention. Our oncologic gynaecologists are skilful in diagnostic screening and adept at treating gynaecological cancers with various approaches; for instance, thin-prep, a new standard of cancer screening test for detection of early-stage cervical cancer, genetic testing for familial cancers, diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer of unknown primary which demands a multidisciplinary team approach of oncologists.

Additionally, ICG (Indocyanine green) is utilized intra-operatively to enhance visualization of cancerous tissue and for more accurate and safer surgery.

Orthopaedic Centre

Staffed by a team of highly skilled orthopaedic specialists and offering the most advanced technology and surgical techniques, the Orthopedics Center provides specialized expertise in surgical and non-surgical care. The center delivers comprehensive treatment to patients of all ages and for all orthopedic pathologies including disorders of the musculoskeletal system – bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves – with special emphasis on difficult and complex problems.

Whether the problems stem from injury caused by an accident, recreation or sports, activities of daily living, aging, paediatric conditions or congenital and hereditary orthopaedic disorders, our specialists will design an integrated treatment and rehabilitation plan personalized to the individual patient that restores quality of life and allows you to return to an active lifestyle.

The Orthopaedics Centre will also focus on subspecialties in this field including arthritis, hand and foot surgery, spinal surgeries, paediatric orthopaedics, oncology, sports medicine and geriatric orthopaedics. As a hub for respected orthopaedic specialists, MedPark ensures the centre serves both local and foreign patients to international standards.

Most importantly, we are committed to delivering patient safety as our first priority through a multidisciplinary approach that improves treatment outcomes and speeds up rehabilitation at equitable prices.

Paediatric Centre

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is commonly and erroneously known as “Physical Therapy.” However, the scope of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is broader and encompasses assessment, treatment planning utilizing various modes of rehabilitation, for example, mobility, swallowing , speech, and muscle training, or the improvement of physical fitness for returning to normal or as close to normal status as possible after surgery, severe injury, accident; or for preventing fall in the elderly. A team of physiatrists make diagnosis and supervise the treatment by physical therapists with assistance from multidisciplinary specialist care teams in various fields, such as occupational therapist, nutritionist, dietitians, and clinical psychologist who are ready to provide support to ensure full rehabilitation and to give care in every elements of living.

The main objective of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre is to restore the lost physical capabilities due to an illness or age-related deterioration, prevent health risks, and attain the highest fitness potential for sport performances. MedPark Hospital is outfitted with modern technology and equipment to help restore the patient’s physical fitness to its full potential. One-stop service is implemented for patients’ convenience by locating on the same floor with Orthopaedic Centre and Neurology Clinic where the majority of patients have movement disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and postoperative orthopaedic patients who require physical rehabilitation.

There are two hydrotherapy pools at MedPark Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre and the first centre in Thailand that features a rehabilitation garden paved with different surface textures for patients to practice walking, train their tactile sensory perception and their balance in a pleasant, tepid outdoor environment as the building is oriented to receive indirect sunlight from the north and south directions.

Trigger fingers, office syndrome, ruptured tendon, frozen shoulder, or musculoskeletal diseases that are encountered nowadays with increasing frequency stemming from modern way of life where people often engage in certain repetitive motions causing muscle and ligament inflammation and strain. Some of these maladies can be treated with innovative technology in rehabilitation medicine without surgery. Patients who require heart surgery receive preoperative assessment and preparation from physiatrists for breathing, walking, mobility training until they are adept with the activities so that patients can more effectively regain their physical abilities after surgery.

Pulmonary Centre

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Rheumatology Centre

The MedPark Hospital’s Rheumatology Centre is well equipped to diagnose and treat rheumatic diseases, which involve autoimmune and inflammatory conditions affecting the muscular system including joints and tendons. Abnormalities may impact blood vessels, skin, nerves and tissues, as well as internal organs.

There are more than 100 illnesses in the category of rheumatic diseases. They include inflammatory/degenerative conditions of the tendons, muscles and bones; inflammatory arthritis; sprains; muscle strain; gout; pseudogout; osteoporosis; trigger fingers; chronic and complicated illnesses; diseases related to the immune system; disorders that do not have any clear cause such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE); psoriatic arthritis; scleroderma; vasculitis; recurrent miscarriage in pregnancy, and more.

Treatments for rheumatic diseases require medical extensive experience combined with modern technologies and devices. While some diseases like inflammatory arthritis, muscle pain and gout are easy to diagnose because they present with clear symptoms, others are difficult to define and the cause is hard to determine, such as in case of chronic fever and recurrent miscarriage. Phlebitis in infants, which is caused by a fungus, also has no specificity and is thus difficult to identify. Rheumatic diseases can occur in people of all ages – from infants to those older than 90 years. Sensitivity to each patient and experience is this broad field is therefore essential for accurate diagnosis and treatments.

At the MedPark Hospital’s Rheumatology Center, highly experienced medical specialists from every field work as part of a multidisciplinary team. By leveraging modern technologies for accurate detailed blood tests and quick results, diagnosis of symptoms and provision of treatments that directly address the cause of illnesses is fast and accurate, preventing patients’ conditions from deteriorating to a point where they are unable to live a normal, happy life.

Sleep Lab

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Surgical Clinic

Safety is the overriding priority in every operation. Hence, Surgical Clinic at MedPark Hospital focuses on and pay attention to the details of every step of the operation for maximum accuracy and efficiency to ensure a smooth, safe operation regardless of whether they are minor, major, general, difficult and high complexity operations, elective, or emergency surgeries; use of sophisticated surgical instruments such as laparoscopic surgery, robotic assisted surgery to create superior user experience not only for the surgery itself, but also for service quality of patient journey beginning from searching for information, making appointment, diagnosis, preadmission, preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery to treatment and recovery.

The team of surgeons at MedPark Hospital is highly experienced with over 28 years of experience. They are proficient in all types of surgery, including scar less surgery such as surgery using natural orifice through the mouth or rectum. Regardless of surgeon’s expertise and specialty, everyone shares the same goal, which is patient safety. Surgeons will collaborate and work as a team with other physicians and medical staff including anaesthesiologists, nurse anaesthetists, and surgical nurses to accurately diagnose and operate with precision to accomplish the surgical goal and attain a successful outcome.

JCI Standards Operating Room – The operating room at MedPark Hospital has the capacity to accommodate large number of patients as we have over ten operating rooms meeting JCI standards, including a spacious hybrid operating room, where several types of surgery and intervention can be performed at the same sitting. Intraoperative X-ray can be performed in a timely manner without having to move the patient through an integral C-arm unit for high precision placement of intravascular stent. If the stent is placed even slightly off-kilter, it may have subsequent big negative impact.

MedPark is the First Private Hospital in Asia with Siemens ICONO Biplane Imaging System in Hybrid Operating Room.  This system will provide detailed 3D-images in one take, reducing the contrast media and exposing patient to less radiation. This decreases the risks that may occur from angiography.

Urology Clinic

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