Located in the heart of Bangkok, the medical hub of Southeast Asia, MedPark is Thailand’s newest private hospital. This 550-bed facility provides the full range of sub-specialties with the latest technology to meet the needs of international clients in a relaxed and peaceful environment that soothes patients, their families and visitors while also enabling doctors, nurses, medical staff and all hospital employees to work at optimum capacity.

MedPark Hospital supports education and research to advance medical staff knowledge in a continuous manner in order to enhance patient treatment and care, to foster critical patient care, to prepare for difficult and complex disease treatment and to work towards quaternary care and serve as a foremost medical facility in Southeast Asia.

Operating under TPP Healthcare International Co., Ltd. MedPark Hospital has the over-riding objective of drawing together the potential of healthcare personnel to provide patient treatment at full capacity, following the principle of Integrated Care within multi-disciplinary teams. MedPark works to the highest levels of standards and safety.

MedPark Hospital has medical professionals and executive teams with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. MedPark Hospital is led by Pongpat Patanavanich M.D, who holds the position of Managing Director at Mahachai Hospital Public Company Limited which received Thailand Sustainability Investment Award for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. Pongpat Patanavaich, M.D., was also a former President of the Thai Private Hospital Association (TPHA) and one of the ASEAN Private Hospital Association founders. The hospital collaborates with Professor Sinn Anuras, who holds Hospital Director and Chief Executive Officer positions and is also a former professor at the University of Iowa Medical School and Texas Tech University Medical School, USA. Professor Sin was also a former executive committee of international private hospitals and a pioneer that initiated Medical Tourism in Thailand. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 from Hospital Management Asia.

breast clinic

Breast Clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of both preventive and curative. By emphasizing on 4 main elements that will help to make the most effective breast cancer treatment: a team of highly competent and experienced doctors; the presence of modern technology holistic patient care and the development of innovations for treatment and patient care In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible and help patients return to their normal lives with quality have a beautiful appearance and have peace of mind

Specialized doctors ready to work as a team

Breast Clinic Med Park Hospital There is a team of specialists who understand the condition, feelings and needs of cancer patients very well from working with patients for more than 15 years and have a team of specialists in various areas for holistic care of patients such as breast surgeon plastic surgeon diagnostic radiologist radiotherapy doctor chemotherapy doctor nutrition doctor Regenerative Medicine genetics doctor and a team of specialized nurses who can consult 24 hours a day

Experience and potential in treating difficult diseases

breast clinic medical team recognized for craftsmanship Expertise in surgical treatment, medication, immunotherapy including new technologies to eliminate cancer cells breast augmentation to replace the surgically removed part Including the treatment of difficult and complex side effects. This is a treatment that requires high experience, such as detecting the spread of cancer in the whole lymph nodes (Whole Node) at the molecular level without cutting. Endoscopic surgery for thyroid cancer Treatment of drug-resistant cancer by using genetic testing to find effective treatment methods. to treat patients with swollen arms after breast cancer surgery Breast surgery to prevent cancer in patients found to be at high risk of developing breast cancer, etc.

The latest technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

in technology in diagnosis and treatment, Breast Clinic, Med Park Hospital It has modern and efficient digital diagnostic technology that allows quick biopsies. Locate the tumor to make a treatment plan and perform precise treatment. and modern radiotherapy equipment that provides good treatment results It can irradiate only the desired spot and effectively reduce the impact on nearby organs or tissues. as well as other medical technologies that enhance the efficiency of breast cancer treatment

In addition, techniques and medical innovations are developed for more effective diagnosis and treatment. Whether it’s a gene test new treatment Individual specific treatment guidelines (personalized medicine)

Holistic patient care

Breast Clinic Med Park Hospital Emphasize on holistic patient care. not only treating the disease or help patients recover from disease only But also taking care of the image to make the patient confident and satisfied with the shape after treatment psychological care daily use so that the patient can return to live a quality life and can be happy with family as usual

Promote research for better treatments.

Med Park Hospital has a policy to encourage doctors and medical personnel to learn more and do research to improve medical care to be more efficient. And help patients have choices and have a better quality of life. The doctor’s expertise and new knowledge will increase the chances of a cure. Meanwhile, help breast clinic. Med Park Hospital Continuously develop the potential for effective care of cancer patients.

diagnostic service

  • Providing screening, diagnosis and consultation services in the following symptom groups:
    • tumor-bearing group
    • a lump or lump on the skin
    • Feel for lumps in various organs, such as lumps in the breast, lumps in the stomach, lumps in the throat, etc.


  • treatment service and surgery in the following symptom groups
    • tumor-bearing group a lump or lump on the skin Or palpable lumps in various organs, such as lumps in the breast, etc.
    • Surgery to treat diseases such as breast cancer and cancer in various systems of the body.
    • Cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, etc.


  • Providing services and treating by surgery according to the objectives of the treatment as follows
    • diagnostic surgery
    • surgery to treat disease
    • cosmetic surgery
    • Surgery for better health and quality of life


  • Providing screening, diagnosis and treatment services for patients by specialized doctors. According to the various branches of surgery as follows:
    • breast surgery
    • general surgery
    • cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

dental center Med Park Hospital Comprehensive dental services and care which consists of General dentists and all specialty dentists The goal is to provide quality services that meet professional standards of the Dental Council. with modern science and technology Provide holistic care both physically and mentally. In order for the service recipients to receive accurate and effective dental treatment and planning. Confidence and maximum satisfaction

This dental center was established and managed by a team of dentists who have expertise in all fields. Whether diagnosing and maintaining normal oral health such as scaling, tooth extraction, filling, etc., to complex treatments such as orthodontics, orthognathic surgery. oral bone surgery and pediatric dentistry They are attentive and understand the needs of patients well. Is committed to solving dental health problems as well as helping patients have a better quality of life Have confidence and live life to the fullest.

A team of dentists led by Dr. Sonthi Sirimai, one of the country’s leading specialists in prosthodontics. participated in the design of the center In order to achieve the JCI standard, it can be used effectively. Providing services to patients is convenient, safe, sterile and allows all doctors and staff to work conveniently, quickly, to their full potential. In order for the dental center to help Med Park Hospital achieve its goal of becoming a hospital that is “The End of Referral” or the hospital that is the final answer. End every case with a smile

Highest Level Infection Prevention System
From the standpoint of being a hospital that focuses on treating complex diseases Med Park Hospital Dental Center therefore installs a clean and sterile ventilation system. and making procedures that cause various aerosols Which can be easily transmitted The team of dentists, architects and engineers have jointly set up a high standard ventilation, sewer and waste disposal system. Prevent infection at the highest level

digital dental lab
Med Park Hospital Dental Center Choose from state-of-the-art technology, equipment and tools, and a team of trained doctors, nurses and staff. and have expertise in using these technologies, equipment and tools This makes it possible to maintain and provide services with full efficiency. Meet the expectations of patients and relatives very well.

The Center’s Digital Dental Lab is equipped with 2 sets of CEREC System to enable faster work. The system is high technology. With digital scanning systems and CAD / CAM in designing results for doctors and patients to see the crown or veneer. Choose the style and color you want immediately. Including the creation of both ceramic and composite resin crowns quickly. Doctors can make a piece of ceramic inlay (ceramic) or ceramic onlay (ceramic onlay) in less than 1 hour because there is no need to print teeth, make molds, and structure like the old days. But using a modern scanning system. and made to order at the dental center’s lab immediately Even a new full mouth crown or makeover can be completed in just 2 visits to the doctor. Make patients see the treatment results quickly, saving time and painlessly.

attention is the heart
Attentiveness is the heart of the service of the dental center. Med Park Hospital Since the selection of a medical team that, in addition to having expertise have excellent knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating diseases They also have a good attitude, are attentive and understand their feelings. The needs of the patients as well because each patient has different needs. as well as having a center design The layout of the room creates a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, having a private dental room and elevator not mixed with others for patients who need high privacy. Lighting design that makes it easy for doctors to work. Can choose the color of the crown or denture that is natural or meets the needs of the person who receives the service the most To provide patients with services and outcomes as expected for a better quality of life.

Complications, Complicated Diseases
With the expertise of a team of dentists, nurses, and staff, Med Park Hospital Dental Center is ready to treat patients with comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, or patients taking fibrinolytic drugs. or a complex disease or diseases that are difficult to treat The dental team will work with doctors or other specialists to prepare patients before starting treatment for maximum safety. and get the best results for the patient

With a team of dentists, nurses, personnel with expertise modern technology and tools Location and facilities of international standards and most importantly, attention to patients Med Park Hospital Dental Center has become a leading dental center where everyone who receives the service will be able to leave oral and dental health problems at Med Park with peace of mind.

diagnostic service

  • General Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)
  • Orthodontics (Orthodontics)
  • Endodontics (Endodontics)
  • Periodontology (gum disease treatment) (Periodontology)
  • Prosthodontics (dental implants) (Prosthodontics)
  • Operative & Esthetic Dentistry
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Occlusion and Oral and Maxillofacial Pain (TMJ & Craniofacial Pain)
  • Oral Medicine
  • Special needs dentistry
  • Digital dentistry

treatment and procedures

  • Examination, consultation and treatment planning Give advice on oral health care.
  • Scaling, flossing, teeth cleaning with sand blasting machine (Air Flow)
  • Filling
  • fluoride varnish
  • sealant
  • Metal crowns and tooth colored crowns Dental nerve treatment for children
  • Front fixed braces
  • Clear braces (Invisalign)
  • Root Canal Inflammation Treatment
  • gum disease treatment Including gum surgery and gum surgery
  • Same Day Crown can be completed within one day.
  • dental bridge
  • removable dentures
  • Fixed dentures or dental implants
  • Full jaw implantation using only 4 dental implants (All-On- 4)
  • Teeth whitening (in-clinic and at-home bleaching)
  • veneer, inlay, onlay
  • Tooth extraction, wisdom teeth surgery, oral surgery
  • jaw surgery
  • Treatment of patients with orofacial pain, sleep bruxism
  • Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing with Oral Appliance
  • Diagnosis and management of oral soft tissue disorders such as oral ulcers, oral mucositis, blister, oral lump oral cancer Oral burning syndrome Dry mouth and altered taste
  • Procedure under sedation
  • Examination, diagnosis and planning of treatment for the elderly

nfertility Treatment Center and Assisted Reproductive Technology MedPark IVF
Center: Redefining Fertility Treatment Journeys

Counseling and treatment center for people with infertility problems since the search for the cause Treatment for remedial causes and use assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization to increase the chances of getting pregnant

It also provides counseling to prepare for fertility. To find out the various risks and adjust lifestyle accordingly to give birth to a healthy and strong child in the future.

In couples who are at risk for genetic diseases that are passed from parents to children. Using assisted reproductive technology and embryo cell isolation for genetic testing To reduce the chances of genetic diseases in children who will be born in the future.

Specialist infertility doctors and assisted reproductive technology directly
The Obstetricians and Gynecologists at Center for Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology at Med Park IVF are obstetricians and gynecologists who are trained in reproductive medicine and the use of assisted reproductive technology in IVF. therefore have experience and expertise in this particular field

Specialist in urinary tract surgery
The team also includes a urological surgeon who specializes directly in male reproductive organs and male reproductive disorders, including infertility, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, or inability to ejaculate .

care with care The information is easy to access and clear
because the treatment of infertility is a treatment that has complicated and complicated steps. Med Park IVF has a team of nurses specialized in infertility. who take care and answer initial questions Let those who are in the treatment process be able to ask questions and clear doubts. have clear information Effectively answer the problems you encounter during the treatment process.

In addition, infertility treatments are often stressful. Our nursing team has a good attitude to take care of patients. Because he is familiar with patients who are in the process of infertility treatment. Therefore, understanding , sympathy and always ready to be by your side. on the day the patient needs

Skilled and experienced embryo breeding scientists
For assisted reproductive technology Another important thing This inevitably affects the success of the treatment. is an embryo culture laboratory Made Park IVF There is a team of highly skilled scientists with experience. In the field of embryo culture for at least 10 years , it also received an international certificate from ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology).

Standard clean embryo culture laboratory
Med Park IVF has a new and modern laboratory. The amount of particles, dust, chemicals and other harmful factors to germ cells and embryos are controlled. do not exceed the specified level Optimum temperature, pressure and relative humidity levels are controlled at all times within the laboratory.

modern technology Embryo selection using artificial intelligence
Med Park IVF has modern equipment. It has an embryo incubator and captures embryo videos at all times with Timelapse technology and uses artificial intelligence to help select good quality embryos. for the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity to continue pregnancy

diagnostic service

  • Health check-up to prepare before having children
  • Find out the cause of infertility
    • Examination of ovarian function and baseline egg production with blood tests and vaginal ultrasound examinations
    • Examine the fallopian tubes.
    • Examination of the uterine cavity and uterus by ultrasound
    • semen test
  • Finding the cause of frequent miscarriages


  • Treatment according to the cause of infertility
    • The eggs do not ovulate. The eggs do not ovulate chronically.
    • The amount of eggs in the ovary is low.
    • Fallopian tube blockage
    • uterine fibroids
    • Uterine polyp
    • endometriosis Chocolate Cyst
  • Treatment with artificial insemination (Intrauterine Insemination, IUI)
  • assisted reproductive therapy
  • Isolation of cells from the embryo for genetic testing
    • To select embryos with normal chromosome number (PGT-A).
    • To avoid the transmission of genetic diseases caused by abnormalities of one gene (PGT-M) or by translocations of certain chromosomes. to another position in the same chromosome or another chromosome ( PGT-SR) from father or mother to child
  • Give advice to find a way to reduce frequent miscarriages.
  • Treatment of fertility (Fertility Preservation) in cancer patients or those who need treatment. that cause harm to the reproductive system, such as chemotherapy drugs

Orthopedic Center Orthopedic Center)

Med Park Hospital Has selected a team of highly experienced orthopedic surgeons, especially Specialist in the treatment of difficult and complex diseases for procedures and surgeries as well as the use of modern technology in providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for orthopedic patients. covering all branches Whether it’s bones, joints, ligaments (ligament), tendons (tendon), musculoskeletal system bone tumor Hip and knee replacements and to nerves spinal surgery in patients of all ages

Whether you are injured from an accident, playing sports, activities in daily life Orthopedic problems from children to the elderly or congenital orthopedic disorders expert medical team will prescribe a holistic treatment plan suitable for each patient including rehabilitation guidelines To help the patient return to normal life.

Orthopedic Surgery Center The goal is to develop sub-centers to raise the level of care services for specific patients such as joint disease, hand and foot surgery. spinal disease Bone tumor surgery Sports Medicine and Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, etc.

In addition, Medpark continues to focus on personnel training through various forms. Including skill training through a simulation room that is fully equipped with modern tools. in order to achieve the highest efficiency in providing services in all parts

For this reason, Med Park Hospital is confident in providing international standard care. Support both Thai and foreign patients Taking into account the safety of the patient is the most important thing. There is a care process with a multidisciplinary team to provide holistic services to patients. And allow the patient to recover quickly. At the same time, Med Park also adheres to the principle of setting a reasonable service fee.


Doctors and patients work together to plan and make decisions.

in the treatment of orthopedic disorders Tendons and muscles to work Specialist doctor of the Orthopedic Center Med Park Hospital explains to patients in detail their condition and any underlying disease or disorder Various treatment options Opportunities and risks in each option So that patients and doctors can jointly decide and plan the appropriate treatment and make the patient feel the most comfortable. This will give patients and doctors a common goal. and cooperate very well for effective treatment results

Create an impressive experience

Lack of freedom of movement in orthopedic patients is a serious problem that interferes with the patient’s daily life. And often makes the patient irritable, uncomfortable, high stress The specialized nursing team has extensive experience in treating orthopedic patients. and personnel of the center Ready to make a good impression from the first time you meet the patient. Provide understanding and friendly care And has the ability to care for orthopedic surgery patients to help rehabilitate and prepare patients to go home and take care of themselves very well

Create a new generation of experts

Med Park Hospital’s mission beyond patient care is constant staff training and research. in the Orthopedic Center The aforementioned missions are used to develop a new generation of leaders from generation to generation. to support management in the future continuously

diagnostic service

Examination of muscles, bones and joints in every part of the body.


Treatment of musculoskeletal diseases All bones and joints in the body


  • bone injury surgery ligaments and muscles
  • Surgery for shoulder and knee injuries
  • Surgery for herniated discs and spinal diseases
  • Surgery for bone, ligament and muscle diseases in children
  • surgery for traumatic diseases lumps and tumors on the hand
  • Musculoskeletal tumor surgery
  • Treatment and surgery for injuries of the ankle and foot.

Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of the health of the ears, nose, throat, both common diseases such as allergies that are more common in children, colds, strep throat, acid reflux, tonsillitis, ear infections from frequent earwaxing, snoring, tinnitus, vertigo, sinusitis, and diseases that are complex and life-threatening, such as tumors and cancers found in the ear, nose, throat, and sleep apnea, etc. There is a tendency to find diseases that are difficult to treat and are more complex, such as cancer, which is found in younger people. thyroid cancer nasopharyngeal cancer or symptoms of tinnitus, a lump in the neck, which requires modern technology to diagnose and the experience of physicians who can make assumptions and diagnose diseases accurately and quickly so that patients receive the right treatment immediately

expert medical team

Ear, Nose and Throat specialist team Med Park Hospital He is a physician with a lot of expertise and experience in treating patients in a hospital that is a medical school. and private hospitals resulting in experience in treating patients of all genders and ages with mild to very abnormal symptoms and complex diseases that are difficult to treat Or it requires a multidisciplinary team to come together to diagnose, plan and perform treatment.

In addition, diseases related to the hearing, ear, nose and throat system may also affect other aspects of health, such as snoring that may lead to high blood pressure, brain disease, etc. or in some cases, such as accidents, although there is no external injury. conspicuous But there may be a neck injury. This may cause the patient to be unable to breathe. and if not treated promptly It can be fatal. or surgical removal of tumors near vital organs or nerves Therefore, a team of experienced doctors and nurses And the readiness of the multidisciplinary team at Med Park Hospital is therefore crucial for accurate, accurate diagnosis and attentive care. and success in saving patients’ lives

Doctor-designed medical center

tools, facilities It is important to the practice of physicians. and help the doctor examine Accurate diagnosis, otolaryngology clinic, Med Park Hospital Therefore, ear, nose and throat specialists were asked to participate in giving opinions in the design process. selection of inspection tools and technologies used in treatment to obtain modern and high-standard tools and technology This will help the doctor to work more conveniently. and patients receive proper treatment Accurate from the start

treatment coupled with good service

Standardized treatment by highly qualified and experienced doctors. Along with the services of leading private hospitals that provide convenience and speed. is the heart Med Park Hospital has set up a system to provide services that care for all patients closely, thoroughly and with care. so that the patient receives fast service and receive quality treatment

Good ear, nose and throat health affects the lives of patients. Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Medpark Hospital ready to take care and provide high standard treatment with a warm service like home for the good quality of life of patients and families

diagnostic service

  • ear
    • ear infection otitis media
    • ear disease tinnitus
    • decreased hearing
    • dizziness, spinning house
    • foreign body in the ear
    • hearing test Check the function of the middle ear. Hearing aid service
  • neck
    • sore throat
    • hoarse voice
    • Neck and head tumors
    • throat cancer
    • An abnormal lump on the neck
    • enlarged salivary glands
    • enlarged lymph nodes
    • thyroid gland
  • nose
    • allergies, sinus
    • rhinitis
    • nasopharyngeal cancer
    • Examination and treatment of snoring


  • allergic rhinitis
  • Acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis
  • Nasal tumors , nasopharyngeal cancer , rhinitis
  • deviated nasal septum
  • nosebleed
  • bronchitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • salivary gland inflammation
  • epiglottis, laryngitis
  • neck lump Thyroid lump
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
  • Snoring
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • tinnitus
  • Ear infections (otitis externa, otitis media, eardrum )
  • Acute tympanic membrane
  • otitis
  • dizziness
  • Dislocated/dislocated plaque in the inner ear
  • Acute hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (tinnitus)
  • Surgery for thyroid disease, either open incision or laparoscopic surgery.
  • Neck and face lump surgery
  • eardrum repair surgery Mastoid bone surgery behind the ear eardrum puncture/inserting a tube through the eardrum (PE Tube)
  • Surgery for crooked nasal septum, rhinitis, sinusitis using a camera (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)
  • Radiofrequency nasal tissue reduction (Radiofrequency Turbinoplasty)
  • Caring for patients with speech problems, stuttering, slow speech, slurred speech, and autism.
  • Patients with brain problems with speaking practice

Allergy Center Med Park Hospital Providing comprehensive services for patients covering allergies and immunity. and all ages With a team of highly experienced allergy and immunology specialists and trained from abroad along with modern medical equipment The service is warm and friendly.

At Med Park, medical professionals focus on solving problems for patients with chronic allergies. and patients with decreased immunity which greatly affects the quality of life The medical team will use an internal treatment approach. by finding the root of the problem to fix it on the spot Because each patient has a different lifestyle. both family basis and the cost of each person growing up which all affect the familiarity and allergy The doctor will take time to give advice. Comprehensive family history inquiry and physical examination before making a short-term, medium-term and long-term treatment plan due to allergies because it is a disease that requires continuous treatment and related to all immunity

In addition, Med Park uses a variety of modern diagnostic techniques such as skin allergy testing (skin test) which uses a drop of liquid on the skin and poke. which does not hurt And it’s not as scary as injections, blood draws, lung function checks by blowing out the lungs. and examination by modern laboratories This will give the doctor information about the patient’s baseline. and able to plan the treatment for up to 5 years

For children with food allergies An allergy specialist will work with a pediatrician. and gastroenterologist To analyze allergies caused by food allergies such as cow’s milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, wheat flour, seafood or irritants. The doctor will focus on treating the thread, how to repair the body from the inside. to cause the body’s immune system more than the method of drug administration

At present, although the current allergy medication Both oral and nasal spray It will be developed to be used safely even in children. but will focus on behavior modification especially food and surrounding environment To reduce the things that cause less allergies. vaccination section Will start in older children, adolescents and adults, which is recommended to inject only in cases where it is necessary. It focuses on adjusting attitudes and finding ways to make patients live as close to normal as possible. able to take care of himself properly and appropriately without being constantly dependent on medication

We are ready in all aspects to help take care of children’s health from birth to 15 years of age so that the first period of life is complete. ready to build a strong foundation for quality growth And help reduce or dispel the worries of mothers, fathers and families when their children are sick.

Specialization in every field

Pediatric team Med Park Hospital ready to take care of the health of pediatric patients Treatment of common diseases, specific diseases, and complex diseases that are difficult to treat. With a team of medical professionals in all fields, most of whom have American Board certifications. and experience from treating difficult diseases Complicated diseases in medical school The team of pediatricians at Med Park Hospital is knowledgeable and experienced. Emphasis on health care for children in a holistic way. and treating with specialized expertise at the same time, such as respiratory diseases, allergies, heart disease, gastrointestinal tract infections, cancer, surgery, including infants and children in critical conditions that must be in the ICU or NICU

It also works with other professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, etc. to look after and solve problems related to children’s health in a holistic way.

care with care

Because children are still unable to explain their own illness. Treatment of pediatric patients therefore requires close observation. Detailed history taking from parents, caregivers, adults in the family. and all close people in the house to collect as much information as possible in terms of symptoms environment That may affect the disease, care and treatment, such as constipation, which is a problem in many children. And can affect the physical, personality, emotional and mental development of children as they grow up. The team of pediatricians and specialists of Med Park Hospital Ready to work together as a team to find and help treat the disorder from the beginning. to end factors that may affect child development

In addition, physicians at the Center for Pediatric Health and Diseases Med Park Hospital also gives full time to parent and child to build close relationships confidence trust This will help the treatment go smoothly and effectively. and because sickness can happen at any time Medpark Hospital has therefore put in place a system that allows families to contact the hospital’s experienced doctors and staff 24 hours a day, helping children get timely treatment. Parents and families feel at ease and at ease.

Modern technology for children’s quality of life
In addition to the multidisciplinary medical team experienced nurse And the relevant staff will be ready to take care of the child patient. Med Park Hospital also chooses to use modern and highly efficient technology to help diagnose and treat diseases such as gastrointestinal endoscopy, CT Scan, ICU and NICU critical care rooms. Many experts come together to work together. will make the treatment results more effective

Continuous knowledge development
to provide effective treatment along with increasing the knowledge of doctors and medical personnel Pediatric Center Medpart Hospital held a meeting Internal seminars between doctors and medical personnel at all levels to review interesting cases. Share and pass on knowledge and experience to achieve learning. Building relationships between everyone on the team and continuous team development to be a strong team are growing together

Pediatric health and disease center Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of pediatric patients of all ages, all diseases, including difficult and complex diseases. to help children recover from disease or have a better quality of life ready to grow strong

assessment, analysis, and treatment of both specific diseases in children and general diseases as follows:

  • allergy
  • heart disease
  • asthma in children
  • snoring
  • jaundice
  • Check for growth hormone deficiency (short stature) (Growth / Short Stature)
  • Check for premature adolescence
  • obesity in children
  • Assessing the child’s learning development
    • ADHD
    • autism
    • slow development
  • Stimulation of developmental delays in children
  • children with developmental disabilities
  • child health check
  • vaccinate


  • Heart disease in children , such as congenital heart disease heart attack in children heart disease in older children, etc.
  • Kidney disease in children , such as a urinary tract infection Acute or chronic nephritis Nephrotic syndrome, SLE disease, urinary tract abnormalities such as difficulty urinating, bloody urine, frequent urination, etc.
  • Allergy and immunology in children Take care and treat various allergies such as cow’s milk allergy, asthma, frequent sinusitis, hives, snoring, etc.
  • Pediatric endocrine diseases such as short stature Children become young too soon. obesity in children diabetes in children thyroid disease Vitamin D deficiency Irregular menstruation, etc.
  • neuropathy in children Caring for patients with epilepsy, encephalitis, meningitis
  • Respiratory diseases and critical care in children such as coughing, snoring, pneumonia, severe infections, shock, accidents in children organ transplantation in children The use of machines to support the work of various systems in the body, etc.
  • Digestive and nutritional diseases in children such as gastrointestinal diseases, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease Acute and chronic abdominal pain chronic constipation chronic diarrhea Blood in the stool Gluten intolerance Crohn’s disease and enteritis Liver disease Fatty liver disease irritable bowel syndrome Abnormal intestinal absorption, etc.
  • Infectious diseases in children such as dengue fever, chikungunya fever Enlarged lymph nodes, inflammation, drug-resistant bacteria, infectious diseases that come with impaired immunity Fever of unknown cause, tuberculosis, etc.
  • genetic system disease
  • Cancer and Hematology
  • adolescent psychiatry
  • Stimulating child development, correcting speech, doing occupational therapy
  • Breastfeeding Clinic low baby weight Problems with clogged breasts, lumps, less milk, making milk stock, baby not entering the breast Breastfeeding without pregnancy, etc.

We take 20,000-30,000 breaths each day, and that means our lungs are constantly working hard, even when we’re sleeping, at the same time it’s at risk of contracting respiratory infections like the coronavirus. COVID-19 (COVID-19) or even seasonal colds, influenza, etc.

Pulmonary Center Med Park Hospital Providing diagnosis and treatment services All pulmonary diseases Whether it is asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, emphysema from smoking. Lung and respiratory infections, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, acid reflux, to more complex diseases such as COPD, lung cancer.

thorough diagnosis
Our bodies are complex and each organ functions. Each system is related to each other. Diagnosis to determine the exact cause of the disease will help the doctor to treat the disease or abnormality on the spot, so the history taking must be done carefully by an experienced doctor. This helps determine the causes related to the patient’s environment and behavior, such as smoking, exposure to stimuli such as fur, pollen, dust, smoke, etc., in order to avoid potential triggers.

At the same time, screening risk groups to prevent or detect abnormal signals. It also helps doctors start treatment earlier, for example by screening people with a history of smoking or working closely with chemicals or heavy metals. or those with direct relatives with cancer, etc.

A physician’s experience is also important in diagnosing rare or uncommon diseases, such as certain connective tissue diseases of the lungs. Interstitial lung disease (ILD) with emphysema-like symptoms sarcoidosis (sarcoidosis), which is a non-infectious inflammation of the tissue whooping cough in adults, etc.

State-of-the-art technology,
Pulmonary Center, Med Park Hospital Focus on accurate diagnosis by specialist doctors and modern tools or technology, such as the use of CT Scans to detect and diagnose early lung cancer in high-risk people lung function test Endoscopy to check for abnormalities in the lungs and the use of computed tomography

negative pressure chamber clean air system
Lung and respiratory infections are serious and high risk. Therefore, examining patients with suspicious symptoms requires a high level of safety. Med Park Hospital has a Negative Pressure Examination Room. This is a closed system with double doors that have a lower air pressure in the inner chamber than the outer one. To prevent the air or infection from the inside from flowing out to contaminate the outside. It can effectively detect pathogens that have outbreaks such as COVID-19 and dengue fever.

In addition, the air filtration system within Med Park Hospital It is also an efficient system. can filter dust Helps reduce hospital infections It is safe for people receiving treatment and contacting the hospital.

Caring for patients like relatives
Doctors and staff at Med Park Hospital ready to take care of patients like relatives with care which in addition to making the patient feel at ease conviction It is also useful for disease diagnosis and screening of people at risk. Because doctors know patients and relatives well, can observe, take history, and find factors that can cause disease or abnormalities more quickly. This increases the chances of getting more treatment.

Digestive and Liver Center Med Park Hospital It is distinguished by the availability of a diverse team of experts. And it is a collaboration between physicians, pediatricians, radiologists and surgeons who have a lot of experience in diagnosis and treatment. Especially difficult and complex gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

The team is led by Prof. Rangsan Rerknimit, a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases. and endoscopy which is famous at the forefront of Thailand Digestive Center and Liver Med Park Focus on excellence in care both the quality of medical professionals, personnel, modern equipment and tools As well as providing services that meet the needs of advanced care without limitations.

in the management of the center under the concept of coordination in patient care (Collaborative care) specialist doctor at Med Park Will work together as a team to provide patients with comprehensive care in all aspects since the consultation screening, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and health rehabilitation In which each doctor will take the time to listen and answer patient questions in detail and clearly. And will take this information into consideration to create a personalized treatment plan to be suitable for patients with different problems and fundamentals (precision medicine).

At present, colon cancer is considered the third disease of all cancers that causes death of Thai people, which Med Park provides gastrointestinal endoscopy with modern technology. Including the first stage screening with latent blood in the stool as well in low-risk groups.

Prof. Dr. Rangsan and the Med Park management team Gives great importance to ethics and standards in patient care. and a physician practice quality control process to provide the appropriate level of care with neither too much nor too little to incur unnecessary and unprofitable costs.

For example, screening for cancer. Endoscopic or gastrointestinal abnormalities Despite the state-of-the-art endoscopic technology, the effectiveness of endoscopy ultimately depends on the quality of the physician. Maintain high standards of endoscopic care and techniques. There is a plan to evaluate these standards periodically to measure the quality of each physician’s screening. which will lead to the highest screening efficiency

In addition to providing a full range of services Medpark also focuses on training all personnel to have the skills and abilities to provide efficient service. As well as conducting research to develop treatment plans continuously. This will lead to further development of gastrointestinal and liver therapies.

Private bowel prep room

Visitor comfort is one of the key points of Med Park. taking into account the needs of customers as the main (customer-based service)

With 20 years of experience in gastrointestinal endoscopy, Prof. Dr. Rangsan took part in the design of the center. In particular, private bathrooms are provided where the patient spends the longest time prior to colonoscopy, providing convenience and privacy for bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy. The private bathroom is a very important part to make the user not feel uncomfortable. And as convenient as bowel preparation at home This special service is considered Med Park as a hospital that has the largest number of rooms in Thailand

Gastrointestinal disorders and diseases

  • stomach disease gastritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease intestinal bleeding
  • abnormal excretion chronic constipation
  • rectal bleeding
  • diarrhea
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • gallbladder disease
  • cholangitis
  • hepatitis
  • pancreatic cancer
  • Fat accumulation in the liver
  • Colon polyps
  • bowel cancer
  • liver cancer
  • bile duct cancer
  • Gastrointestinal infections

diagnostic service

  • Consultation services on problems and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  • Liver, pancreas and biliary duct examination services
  • consulting service and treating disorders of gastrointestinal motility including diagnosis and treatment of chronic constipation
  • Endoscopy service in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Endoscopy service in the biliary tract system
  • Gastrointestinal health care advice and vaccination against gastrointestinal diseases
  • Services to detect liver fibrosis and detect the amount of fat in the liver
  • • H. Pylori Bacterial Infection Testing Service


  • gastrointestinal disease
    • Gastrointestinal Infections (GI Infections)
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Colitis)
    • gastrointestinal hemorrhage (Gastrointestinal Bleeding)
    • Celiac disease (inflammatory bowel disease caused by gluten intolerance)
    • chronic inflammatory bowel disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease-IBD)
      • Crohn’s disease inflammatory bowel disease
      • Ulcerative colitis
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    • Visceral Hypersensitivity (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
    • Altered Mucosal and Immune Function Disease
    • Altered Gut Microbiota Disease
    • Altered Central Nervous System (CNS) Processing Disorder
  • Diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tract
    • fatty liver disease
    • Hepatitis (Hepatitis)
    • Liver Cirrhosis
    • bile duct cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma)
    • Pancreatic cancer
    • Alcoholic Hepatitis (Alcoholic Liver Disease)
    • pancreatitis Pancreatitis
    • gallbladder disease, and Bile duct inflammation (Gallstones, Cholangitis)
  • intestinal motility disease
    • Motility Disorder
    • Diarrhea, constipation (Gastroenteritis)
    • chronic constipation (Constipation)
  • Esophageal disorders
    • esophagitis (Esophagitis)
    • Esophageal epithelial cell remodeling disease (Barrett’s esophagus)
    • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
    • Achalasia disease
    • gastroesophageal reflux disease (Gastroesophageal reflux disease: GERD)
  • diseases related to stomach disorders
    • Perforated gastritis (Gastrointestinal Perforation)
    • Stomach ulcer (Peptic Ulcer)
    • Inflammation of the stomach (Gastritis)
  • Disorders of the colon and rectum
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Colonic diverticulosis
    • Chronic colitis (ulcerative colitis)
    • hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)
  • gastrointestinal cancer
    • Esophageal Cancer
    • Stomach Cancer
    • Liver Cancer
    • Pancreatic cancer
    • Bile duct cancer
    • Gallbladder cancer
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Anal cancer

Completely equipped for skin health”

The Skin, Beauty and Hair Center provides services covering both skin diseases. Beauty of the skin and hair clinic with a team of specialists with expertise recognized both nationally and internationally. with modern tools and facilities that are designed to be meticulously proportioned

Dermatologists are available to consult, diagnose and treat skin diseases from head to toe for patients of all ages. Both Thais and foreigners as well as restoring the skin to be healthier with a variety of effective techniques and safety standards

Currently, there are various risk factors. that can cause various skin diseases and can occur from birth to old age which is not only common skin diseases that are common, such as acne, skin allergies contact rash dermatitis, psoriasis, and vitiligo. Our team of specialists also has experience in diagnosing and treating serious, life-threatening skin diseases such as severe drug rash. chronic blisters severe psoriasis and skin cancer that requires surgery, etc.

Medpark places great importance on the diagnosis process to treat the root cause. which will result in the best treatment results and has the least side effects Because in addition to causes from allergens, environment, stress, hormonal changes Including genetics It also comes from physical diseases that are hidden inside and show symptoms through the skin, such as thyroid poisoning. will cause hair loss Jaundice causes patients to have jaundice and yellow eyes, for example, which a dermatologist will treat with a physician, so the skin can also signal the symptoms of the disease within the body as well.

If you have psoriasis, you can wear a swimsuit.

In the past, psoriasis was treated with oral and topical medications to reduce inflammation. But there are limitations or difficulties in using for patients with thick and large rashes. which affect personality And many people lose the confidence to do everyday activities such as wearing a bathing suit. Or soak in the onsen, but nowadays, injections have been developed, either once or twice a month, which can treat the disease much better than before. As a result, patients take less medication. and allows the patient to live with others normally

Medical professionals will give advice to patients and those around them to have a correct understanding. both treatment guidelines Preventive care for relapse Because psoriasis is not contagious. no infection and not infectious

gracefully aged

When Thailand entered an aging society, it resulted in skin disease problems. Most often have problems with itching and dry skin, which can greatly disturb the quality of life. and take care of all skin problems of the elderly

In addition, Thai people are more prone to skin cancer. Especially people with very white skin. And have burns when exposed to the sun for a long time, which Med Park can treat both early stages of skin cancer and chronic stages that require surgery with modern technology (Dermosurgery)

Aesthetics Center

“Naturally beautiful skin”

Nowadays, it’s not just women. The men turned their attention to taking care of their own skin more and more. to enhance good personality and look younger

Med Park Beauty Center has selected a team of American Board doctors. Highly experienced dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon along with tools and equipment from leading countries in the world that have been certified for quality standards To provide services for treating all skin problems of the face, body and hair effectively and safely.

Here we take care of facial skin problems of all ages such as red birthmarks in children, acne, freckles, blemishes, large pores, pigmentation abnormalities. dull skin color uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sagging face as well as nourishing and restoring the skin to be more healthy While the skin is white, smooth and clear, it is still the desire of all women, which Med Park focuses on maintenance under the concept. “Natural beauty” is the trend in today’s era.

In addition to beautiful facial skin, everyone wants to have a good shape. which experts will provide consulting services Thorough diagnosis of the patient and plan to solve body problems step-by-step, such as fat removal and six-pack building By using modern innovations that are effective, fast and safe. Dermatologists attach great importance to the selection of new technologies. that meets every need Both devices in the laser group, energy-based devices and injectable devices such as botulinum toxin injections to reduce wrinkles. and help lift the skin, etc., through the experimental and research process to obtain the parameters that are most suitable for Thai people.

At Med Park, in addition to perfectly separating the area between the dermatology center and the beauty center. There is also a zone for cosmetic brands. selected by specialist doctors Including specific brands of Med Park as well So you can choose the right product for each person.
Our services
ensure you have good skin health from head to toe. With modern innovation, safety and efficiency. by a team of specialists in the skin

Dermatology Clinic, Med Park Hospital It provides three main services:

1. Hair Clinic
, treatment of hair and scalp diseases and hair transplant surgery by a specialist in permanent hair transplant surgery which can solve a variety of hair and scalp problems as follows

  • hereditary thinning hair
  • Acute and chronic hair loss
  • Alopecia areata
  • Scarring type of hair loss
  • postpartum hair loss
  • Scalp inflammation, itchy scalp
  • thinning hair with age
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP; Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Laser light therapy for thinning hair (LLLT; Low Level Laser therapy)
  • Hair and eyebrow transplant surgery with a variety of techniques, including FUT, FUE, Long Hair transplantation.
  • The use of hair follicle cells in hair restoration Rigenera cell therapy

2. Skin Clinic
Treatment of skin diseases in all areas of the body Including diseases that have abnormalities of the nails. various skin diseases can be maintained or improved Just come to consult with a specialist in skin. Our experience can help treat and advise on a variety of skin diseases that may occur, for example:

  • eczema rash skin allergy rash contact rash
  • Skin tumors of various types, both non-malignant. and skin cancer
  • Acne, redness, black spots from acne acne scars
  • Freckles, sunburn, freckles, dark spots
  • Congenital birthmarks, red birthmarks, black birthmarks
  • Pitted scars and raised or keloid scars
  • Skin diseases from infections such as fungi (ringworm, ringworm), viruses (warts, shingles, shingles), bacteria
  • autoimmune skin disease and blister disease
  • psoriasis rash
  • vitiligo
  • Rash caused by drug allergy
  • hives rash
  • sexually transmitted disease

3. Beauty Skin Clinic
Let experts take care of your skin in beauty. Including adjusting the face and body shape With innovation and beauty tools that are modern and standardized It also helps to solve problems on the spot.

Providing treatment services with modern and efficient laser equipment.

  • Picosecond laser solves dark spots, treats freckles, melasmas, melasma, dark spots, birthmarks, and removes tattoos effectively. It can also help stimulate the creation of new skin and collagen under the skin. Help reduce wrinkles. And scars at the same time. The Picosecond laser that Med Park Hospital uses is Picosure, which is the first Picosecond laser that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has a lot of research supporting the results.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for removal of freckles, polyps, fleas, moles
  • Fotona laser (Erbium YAG laser and Long pulsed Nd:YAG laser) can remove hair. Help reduce wrinkles. scar treatment and can lift and tighten the skin
  • Ultherapy helps lift and tighten the skin without surgery.
  • V-Beam (Pulsed dye laser) treats redness, birthmarks, dilated capillaries efficiently

There is also a service

  • Botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles of age, adjust the shape of the face and lift the face.
  • Filler, a filler under the skin, hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturizer under the skin that naturally exists in the skin. Under the skin to help the face look younger. Adjust the face shape to get a beautiful proportion.

Take care of shaping and slimming.

  • Sculpsure, a new innovation of fat removal with the world’s first laser without surgery With technology to eliminate fat with a Diode laser that turns into heat energy. Destroy specific targets at fat cells efficiently and safely It is the first machine in the world that has been certified by the US FDA and Thai FDA. No pain, no downtime.
  • Emsculpt, another new innovation that can stimulate the muscles. Help build muscle and get rid of fat at the same time. help you get in better shape It can be done in many positions of the body, such as six pack abdominal muscles, round hips, upper arms, thighs, calves, taking only 30 minutes, equivalent to doing 20,000 sit ups or squats. FDA that it is effective and safe, does not hurt, has no side effects.

diagnostic service

  • Examination of skin diseases by a specialist in dermatology.
    • Submission for pathology : Excision: Shave: Punch Biopsy
    • Operation: KOH: Gram Stain: TZanck smear
  • Treat hair loss, thin hair, grow hair.
    • Hair Transplant
    • Fotona laser Hair glowing
    • PRP facial hair
  • Provide other beauty services
    • Tightening Treatment & Reduce Fat: Emsculpt Sculpsure: Slimming and eliminating fat cells.
    • Remove mole, warts and age spots remove benign skin tumors: CO2 Laser :remove moles, warts, polyps
    • Photo Skin Rejuvenation and Non-Ablative treatmen: Fotona laser Picosure laser stimulates Collagen, clear skin without scars
    • sun damaged skin, pigmented disorder: Picosure Laser treats skin problems caused by pigment abnormalities.
    • Ablative procedures: Fractional Co2: Treatment of acne scars Shedding skin cells
    • Vascular Lesion: V-beam treats vascular abnormalities, acne redness.
    • Cleaning and add Moisturize: Pro-facial cleans the skin and nourishes the skin.


  • Herpes Zoster
  • dermatitis
  • Atopic
  • Alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Small open wound
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Onycholysis (the nail separates from the skin)
  • Paronychia (purulent inflammation around the nail)
  • Prurigo nosularis (chronic pruritus)
  • Intertrigo (a dermatitis rash in the furrows of the skin skin that has been rubbed)
  • Folliculitis (folliculitis)
  • Perioral dermatitis (inflammatory skin rash around the mouth)
  • Hair loss
  • Wart
  • Rash
  • Corn
  • Telogen effluvium (sudden hair loss more than usual)
  • Insect bite reaction
  • Urticaria
  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Body contouring
  • Dry skin
  • Freckles
  • Solar lentigines
  • Scar
  • PIH
  • Wrinkle
  • Keloid

hair transplant clinic

hair problems Especially hair loss, thinning hair or baldness. It greatly affects your personality and daily life. Many cases even have mental health problems. which is not only men now girl or even teenagers are more likely to experience this problem as well

with the difference of hair problems in each person Med Park provides services with highly experienced American Board Doctors and Fellows Of The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS), such as Assoc. I who won the best award in the world

Hair loss, thinning hair is caused by many reasons. Whether it’s a genetic factor hormonal abnormalities Alopecia areata caused by the immune system Lack of nutrients or minerals, stress and chronic pain. or caused by drug use If you find that you have hair abnormalities or scalp You should consult a doctor for proper and timely treatment.

At Med Park, in addition to perfectly separating the area between the dermatology center and the beauty center. There is also a branded cosmeceutical zone that has been selected by specialist doctors. Including specific brands of Med Park as well So you can choose the right product for each person.

Analysis and prevention Is an important factor of good health.

health check-up center Med Park Hospital Providing health check-up services for all sexes and ages, with details of health check-ups varying in each age group. and risk factors for the occurrence of various diseases, preliminary screening to find risk factors for hidden diseases without the body not yet showing symptoms Especially difficult diseases and complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, if detected and prevented in time. can reduce the risk of disease including reducing complications which, when the disease is detected, can be sent to a team of experienced specialists Immediate care

In addition, we provide personalized advice to prevent potential health problems. (Personalized Care), such as behavior and genetics, which can be considered from the family history. Especially diseases that are clear in terms of hereditary transmission. Individual abnormal symptoms observed or suspicion of abnormalities that have been detected in the past Lifestyle that may be a factor in the occurrence of various diseases, such as people with a family history of cancer or diabetes. Including people who drink alcohol or smoke regularly, etc.

We provide examination services ranging from blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, ECG, EKG, indications. Complete blood count measure fat levels check blood sugar Check liver and kidney function and others. We provide one-stop service, complete in one place. Customers do not need to walk out of the health check-up center to go for a physical examination in various centers, making it convenient, fast and safe.

health check-up center Providing services to take care of patients who come to receive a comprehensive health check-up service. meet professional standards There are professional nurses who have been trained according to their fields of responsibility. nursing assistant staff Helping staff, patient care, clinic staff

diagnostic service

  • check vital signs
  • eye health check
  • blood test
  • Upper and lower abdominal ultrasound examination of the large arteries in the neck
  • Mammography with a digital machine breast ultrasound
  • chest X-ray Bone density examination of the hip joint and lumbar spine
  • ECG Cardiac fitness examination by exercise/extreme echocardiography
  • Arterial stiffness measurement (ABI )


  • Providing outpatient health check-up services for service recipients aged 15 years and over.
  • Report of examination results by the service recipient will receive a report of examination results within 1 – 7 days via one of 3 channels: receiving a health check-up report within the day of examination; Send by post or E-mail


  • individual health check
  • Health checkup of the contracting company
  • Health check for driving license
  • Health check before coming to work (Pre-Employment Health examination)
  • Assessment of readiness to work (Fit for work examination)
  • Health check-up before traveling (Fit to fly examination)
  • Annual health examination of employees (Periodic Health examination)
  • vaccination services for customers of contract companies

Integrated Nephrology Clinic

Kidney disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in Thai people. It is estimated that approximately 8-10 million Thai people have kidney disease. Integrated Nephrology Clinic, Med Park Hospital therefore has selected a team of doctors, nurses and staff who have experience in caring for kidney patients for more than 10 years to join the event and prepare modern equipment and tools that meet the same standards as the world’s leading private hospitals. Med Park Hospital’s Kidney and Dialysis Center is ready to help patients live with their disease while maintaining a good quality of life. and have a strong mind

Comprehensive service according to JCI standards by a team of multidisciplinary experts.

Integrated Nephrology Clinic Med Park Hospital is a specialized medical center that takes care of patients with complete kidney disease from examination, diagnosis and follow-up of general symptoms. to care for patients with stage 5 kidney disease requiring dialysis with an artificial kidney machine with tools State-of-the-art equipment meets the same JCI standards used by leading private hospitals around the world.

Center’s medical team He is a Thai nephrologist who has studied and trained in the United States and is American board certified and works closely with a multidisciplinary team. or the gathering of doctors or specialists in all related fields such as heart disease, diabetes, blood disease, dietitians to work together as a team to clearly understand the patient’s condition. To determine the most effective treatment and care guidelines for patients. The main goal is to prevent disease for patients who do not yet have kidney problems. slowing down the progression of the disease when kidney abnormalities are found and caring for patients requiring hemodialysis when the kidney disease progresses to stage 5, including kidney transplant surgery

In addition, the nursing team has experience in caring for patients with kidney disease and organ transplantation for more than 10 years, so they understand the needs and conditions of patients well. There are techniques for taking care of patients to get the most comfort. and are ready to effectively care for patients in cases where the disease is more complex than usual

Designed by a kidney specialist Take care like family

Because he understands well the concerns and conditions of kidney disease patients. Especially those who require regular hemodialysis, most of whom are not able to help themselves much. Med Park Hospital has designed an integrated nephrology clinic with patient convenience and safety in mind including caregivers And the efficiency in the work of the medical team and nurses is important. The design team consulted a specialist in nephrology to plan and define service points. placement of equipment in accordance with the work of physicians as well as providing maximum comfort to patients and relatives Including having a good atmosphere in the clinic. Choosing a table that is not too wide to be installed in the examination room for doctors and patients to get closer don’t sit face to face But creating a relaxed feeling like close relatives sitting and talking Installing a sink in a position that provides maximum convenience for the doctor, etc.

Take care of even difficult and complex diseases

In many kidney disease patients with other diseases or in conditions that require special care, such as patients with easy blood clotting kidney transplant patients with certain viral infections, etc. The center’s expert medical team Experienced and ready to take care of Along with being able to adjust the form of treatment or adjust the medication in a timely manner to reduce the risk of the patient’s life and provide effective treatment results as well as working with other specialized medical teams to increase the efficiency of treatment

Kidney Center Med Park Hospital ready to take care of patients like relatives With the expertise and experience of more than 10 years of a team of doctors and nurses with equipment Modern technology with the same standards as leading private hospitals around the world. To make patients with kidney disease feel at ease and able to live a quality life without worry.

diagnostic service

  • Preliminary screening for kidney disease
  • Continuous monitoring of kidney function
  • Diagnosis of kidney disease from kidney biopsy
  • Tissue compatibility before organ transplantation


  • Treatment of chronic kidney failure (Chronic Kidney Failure)
  • Hemodialysis
  • Kidney Transplant Surgery


  • Kidney biopsy


  • Specializing in organ transplantation
  • Specialist in kidney cancer
  • American board certified physician specializing in kidney disease

Kidney disease patients requiring dialysis need special care especially during hemodialysis which is when the body is weaker than usual And because hemodialysis has to be done almost every day. Private dialysis center Med Park Hospital thus giving full convenience to the patients by arranging a private room for dialysis Use modern equipment and tools according to JCI standards as used by many leading private hospitals around the world. In addition, a team of doctors, nurses and staff with over 10 years of experience in caring for dialysis patients has also been selected to join the event. So that patients have a good experience and are very convenient every time they come to receive dialysis services.

ICU standard safety, modern equipment and tools high efficiency

Private dialysis center Med Park Hospital places the utmost importance on safety and efficiency. Ready to treat with dialysis with an artificial kidney machine (Hemodialysis) with a safety system at the same level as the intensive care unit (ICU), equipped with a sterile air conditioning system and prevents PM 2.5 dust and a water system used in hemodialysis. It is ultra-pure water, which is the same standard as intravenous fluids. Copper lining is also used in some areas to prevent infection. Greater waste removal efficiency makes the patient feel the difference. Whether it’s their own bright look more stable blood pressure not feeling tired

The center can accommodate 20 patients at a time or up to 60 patients per day. Each bed is located in a room with high privacy for the convenience of patients and relatives who come to care for patients. There are experienced nurses who closely monitor and give peace of mind to patients. Ready to help when the patient is feeling unwell or in an emergency. The ratio of nurses to patients is 1:2.

Concept of “personal doctor” with a team of specialists for holistic care

The patient must have dialysis several times a week. Doctors know and understand patients very well. Med Park Hospital therefore focuses on patient care with the concept “Physician” or Primary Care concept that is patient-centered. The doctor will be close to the patient. like a family member and health care in every dimension by working with specialists in other fields If you want specific advice

The medical team of the dialysis center in a private room He is a nephrologist in Thailand who has studied and trained in specialty medicine in the United States and received the American Board of Specialty Certification. The center’s nursing team He is also a person with more than 10 years of experience in caring for kidney disease patients, so he understands the needs and conditions of patients very well. There are techniques for taking care of patients to get the most comfort. and are ready to effectively care for patients in cases where the disease is more complicated than usual

Designed by a kidney specialist Take care like family

Because he understands well the concerns and conditions of kidney disease patients who require regular hemodialysis, most of which are limited in self-help, more than 50% of them need to be in a wheelchair. and is an older patient. Private dialysis center Med Park Hospital Therefore, it is assigned to be on the 3rd floor. Relatives can park in front of the center so that patients can conveniently enter the center without having to wait for an elevator. and is in the same zone as the intensive care unit where cleanliness must be controlled intensely safe thus providing confidence in reducing the risk of infection

Private room dialysis center Med Park Hospital ready to facilitate and take care of patients for maximum safety With expertise and experience for more than 10 years, modern equipment and high level of security ready to provide comfort to dialysis patients during dialysis in order to return home and live a quality life


  • Standard dialysis service Single-use hemodialysis filter
  • High quality hemodialysis service (Online HDF)
  • Therapeutic plasmapheresis plasma filtration service
  • Hemodialysis service for patients infected with Covid 19, in-patient type


  • Outpatient dialysis service
  • In-patient hemodialysis service by providing services in the ward
  • Emergency dialysis service 24 hours.

Special inspection tools/Technology

  • There are 16 high quality dialysis machines (Online HDF).
  • RO water system with Ultrapure quality


  • Provides standard hemodialysis service using a single-use hemodialysis filter
  • Providing high quality hemodialysis service (Online HDF)
  • Therapeutic plasmapheresis service
  • kidney transplant from family
  • Kidney biopsy for pathological examination

obstetrics and gynecology clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of women’s health. The pregnant mother and the fetus are well taken care of as our own relatives. There are modern tools and equipment for examination, diagnosis and treatment. complete facilities in a relaxed atmosphere and is highly personal with a good understanding of patients and families The service is divided into 2 main parts: obstetrics and gynecology.

  • obstetrics department

Pregnancy and bringing new life into the world It is a time full of happiness, anticipation, and at the same time there are worries and unexpected things that can happen at any time. Nurse with specific expertise And personnel are therefore important factors that help mothers, fathers and families prepare to welcome new members with peace of mind and comfort.

Personnel expertise and experience

Maternal and fetal care and delivery are very important. Because obstetricians have to take care of at least 2 lives at the same time. Therefore, there is a team of specialist obstetricians who are highly experienced in caring and delivering mothers and fetuses. And have taken care of difficult cases such as 6 twins, along with a team of nurses and specialist personnel with many years of experience Therefore understand pregnancy conditions, concerns, needs of mothers and everyone in the family. as well as dealing with the unexpected during pregnancy and childbirth to help the pregnancy go smoothly and giving birth safely

And in the case of complex diseases such as mothers with congenital diseases such as thyroid, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, the obstetrician team will work closely with specialists in that disease. including the newborn care team By giving priority to the safety of mothers and babies.

Answer all questions to be confident.

Concerns of mothers, fathers and families It is important and affects the quality of pregnancy. Med Park Hospital’s medical team We have given full time to explain information about pregnancy, pregnancy care, risks and how to do it right for the safety of mother and fetus. So that parents understand and have the right expectations. and can bring new members out into the world safely

Designed for safety and comfort

A team of specialist obstetricians Has contributed opinions since the design process of the building so that the obstetrics ward can provide comfortable services for both expectant mothers and a team of medical personnel such as a waiting room with privacy Can see the view of the garden outside to reduce the stress of mother, father or relatives. during childbirth The layout of the delivery room and related departments are consistent, such as the delivery room connected to the operating room. In order to be able to have emergency surgery immediately to reduce the risk of the mother having pain but unable to give birth on her own arrangement of a children’s room and a mother’s room on the same floor that gives mothers peace of mind and can walk to see their children at all times the presence of an ultrasound machine in the examination room thus no need to move the expectant mother to another place The introduction of various IT systems to help, such as a remote monitoring system that can send information about patients to doctors in real time. Helps doctors to give advice on how to take care of pregnant mothers in a timely manner in case of emergency.

In addition, modern technology has been used to create a database and analyze data to enable doctors and medical personnel to increase their knowledge about pregnancy, fetus, and various conditions that occur during pregnancy. which in addition to helping to take better care of mothers and babies in the womb It will also be an important foundation for research work and further development. as well as transferring knowledge to the next generation of doctors and personnel

  • gynecology department

gynecology department Ready to provide care for gynecological diseases of all ages from health examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases Complete with comfortable facilities. in the midst of an atmosphere that provides a high degree of privacy

Med Park Hospital is outstanding in providing diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complex diseases such as ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer. Cancer that has no root cause and postpartum hemorrhage Because there is a team of highly experienced specialists. Multidisciplinary team cutting edge technology Whether it’s a lab medical equipment Including many intensive care rooms By focusing on providing patients with maximum safety and can restore the body faster

A team of medical professionals has treatment guidelines using modern technology for screening. and surgery that causes minimal injury, such as small incision surgery Endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, ambulatory surgery, as well as a treatment process called ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), which reduces patient care procedures before, during and after surgery. make the patient less injured and recover faster

cervical cancer and ovarian cancer It is a silent threat with high death rates each year. Medpark Hospital encourages women to recognize the importance of regular screening for early prevention and treatment. and expertise in screening and treating various gynecological cancers, such as a screening test called Thin Prep, which is the new standard for early detection of cervical cancer Genetic testing for cancer detection, including the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer of unknown cause. which requires a team of cancer specialists in many fields together

In addition, color injection technology is used to detect cancer cells or ICG (Indocyanine green), making surgery more accurate, accurate and safe.

Convenience without worrying about privacy

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Med Park Hospital ready to offer a different experience Because a team of specialists played a key role in planning and designing this clinic from the beginning. Med Park Hospital pays attention to every detail. Including examination room, operating room, maternity room, changing room various patient service points Including the selection of efficient and suitable medical equipment. Based on a deep understanding of the patient’s needs

for gynecology or gynecology examination room Privacy is an important aspect that is often overlooked. Whether entering the examination room changing room It is designed in proportion instead of using drawstring curtains. and in an area that is not crowded

Gynecological exams are often a concern for many women. or had a bad experience with trestle beds. to make the patient feel comfortable not uncomfortable like the original bed While the elderly patients or patients with limited mobility will get more comfortable and does not hurt with modern materials

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of women’s health. Including the mother and the fetus with care as if they were relatives. as well as providing peace of mind with a team of skilled personnel Modern tools and equipment of high quality in a relaxed atmosphere. high privacy for the safety of every life we ​​take care of

diagnostic service

  • Pregnancy examinations for both normal and high-risk pregnancies
  • obstetric examination, antenatal examination, postpartum examination
  • Gynecological Examination, Health Examination, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Gynecological Diseases provides diagnostic services.
  • difficult disease treatment and complex diseases such as ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer Cancer that has no root cause
  • Chromosomal screening to look for abnormalities by means of blood and amniotic fluid collection
  • General gynecological diagnosis and complex diseases such as gynecological cancer, etc.
  • Cervical cancer screening Thin prep and HPV


  • All obstetric and gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids
  • misplaced endometrium
  • Chocolate cyst (Chocolate cyst)
  • irregular menstruation
  • Abdominal pain during menstruation
  • White discharge with a smell, itching
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Postpartum examination is
  • Pregnancy care for both normal and at-risk pregnancies
  • Early detection and treatment of gynecological cancer Including the spread

elderly clinic

On the day that Thailand is stepping into a completely aging society with people over 60 years old in the proportion of more than 20% of the total population And the elderly will become the main group in society in the future. Taking care of the elderly is therefore important. elderly clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to take care of the elderly to help prevent risks, maintain and restore health. for the quality of life of the elderly and their families

With the goal of helping the elderly maintain their health in their current state. in order to be able to live a quality life and be self-reliant as long as possible Guidelines for providing core services in addition to general health risk factor examinations such as blood tests, x-rays, etc. to assess current health. and maintained or maintained according to general standards elderly clinic Med Park Hospital also provides a detailed assessment of the performance of the elderly to see important changes or signs of deterioration or diseases such as communication disorders repeating the same story Irregular sleep, such as insomnia, which is a problem for both the elderly and their caregivers.

holistic care
Because each system and each organ in the body are related to each other. and there is often deterioration at the same time together when people get older The heart of health care for the elderly must focus on holistic care. In addition to taking care of general medical conditions elderly clinic Med Park Hospital therefore focusing on working together as a multidisciplinary team that can draw specialists in each field officials Let’s work together to take care of the health of the elderly in a holistic way. Including educating family members or caregivers to be able to help and care for the elderly with understanding. efficient and secure

Placement in the geriatric clinic Designed with patient convenience in mind Overall all services diagnosis Occupational therapy, physiotherapy area, including drug reception and payment in one place with awareness of physical limitations and patient safety

core principles prevention, development, treatment, rehabilitation,
aging clinic Med Park Hospital has four main roles: prevention, development and promotion. repair and maintenance and ability restoration By covering all dimensions or easily remembered as 3B, namely Brain, Body and Bone.

  • Brain means memory care. ability to live daily life physical and emotional performance to slow down the deterioration of the brain which is an important factor that has a major impact on daily living
  • Body means detecting various latent diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, etc., with blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasound of the upper and lower abdomen. check bone density or using modern technology that provides detailed and accurate examination results To help doctors plan treatment and restore the health of the elderly more effectively.
  • Bone , which focuses on examination and care of bone and joint health, gait and balance in order to prevent injuries from falls, fractures, fractures, which may cause patients to become bedridden.

Warm service like a family member,
a team of doctors, nurses, staff in various parts. of the elderly clinic Med Park Hospital ready to take care of the elderly, relatives and caregivers of the elderly As a person in the same family to create a relaxing atmosphere Promote the activities of treatment, therapy, and health rehabilitation for the elderly effectively. Elders and caregivers can have complete peace of mind.

elderly clinic Med Park Hospital Ready to help the elderly have physical, mental and emotional health that is strong and self-reliant. and live normally in society Not a burden to children or society outside

abnormal sleep

Sleep is an activity that takes up about 1/3 of human life . For example, we have an average life expectancy of 80 years, giving us about 30 years of total sleep time.

What does quality sleep mean?

Sleep is an activity that takes up about 1/3 of human life . For example, we have an average life expectancy of 80 years, giving us about 30 years of total sleep time. Therefore, quality sleep will have a positive effect on the quality of life during waking hours. Good sleep is not limited to the number of hours. Sleep only per day. Good sleep must be quality sleep. to make during the daytime have a good quality of life able to use normal daily life

Recommended number of hours of adequate sleep There are differences in each age. In which children have more hours of sleep than in adults. Or the elderly by The National Sleep Foundation of the United States. Recommend the appropriate number of hours for each age group as follows.

  • Elementary group age 6-13 years, recommended 9-10 hours
  • Teenagers aged 14-17 years recommend 8-10 hours .
  • Early adult group aged 18-25 years  , recommended 7-9 hours
  • Adults aged 26-64 years recommend 7-9 hours .
  • Elderly people over 64 years recommend 7-8 hours.

Which sleeping more or less than the recommended number of hours, about 1-2 hours, can still be counted as the appropriate number of hours of sleep.

How can bad sleep quality be affected?

When sleep is not effective especially not getting enough sleep It can result in a variety of negative effects, such as excessive daytime sleepiness .Accidents from drowsiness, poor concentration, slow thinking, slow response, inefficient brain processing poor short term memory poor grades And there is a risk of dementia in the future if there is a problem with chronic insufficient sleep, frequent hunger, weight gain. high blood pressure difficult-to-control diabetes and also found that the body’s immunity is lower when not getting enough sleep. In addition, sleeping more than the recommended number of hours a lot and chronically was found to have negative effects as well But there are no clear studies. The negative effects found from excess sleep, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, difficult to control, or worsening ischemic heart disease. and also found that the death rate was higher Therefore, sleep that is not too much or not too little together with quality sleep in each age range is therefore important

In addition to sleep affecting various physical diseases. Some physical ailments have symptoms. It can be a sleep disorder such as thyroid disease. neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s disease Which was found to have abnormal sleepwalking symptoms certain types of encephalitis (encephalitis) or certain drugs that affect sleep, etc.

What are the symptoms? who should come see a specialist in sleep

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea)
  2. when waking up feeling unrefreshed, having pain, dizziness, or having unusually dry mouth or dry throat
  3. Excessive daytime sleepiness
  4. Sleepwalking abnormal movement of limbs or sounds during sleep ( REM sleep behavior disorder, RBD)
  5. Sleep behavior disorders ( Parasomnias), such as getting up from the bed while sleeping or other abnormal movements, or suspected seizures during sleep ( nocturnal epilepsy).
  6. leg twitching either while going to bed or while asleep ( Periodic limb movement disorder, PLMS)
  7. restless legs syndrome Having to move or get up and walk before going to bed or in the evening ( Restless legs syndrome)
  8. Teeth grinding ( Bruxism)
  9. Trouble falling asleep ( Insomnia)
  10. Trouble falling asleep ( circadian rhythm sleep wake disorders)
  11. sudden trouble falling asleep During the daytime (sleep disturbance) (narcolepsy)

How is sleep monitoring performed?

Examination for diseases or problems related to sleep It starts with taking your history and doing a physical exam for evaluation by a doctor. Symptoms were assessed with a symptom-specific questionnaire. or that problem And for sleep monitoring or diseases caused by sleep problems. by sleep monitor The standard is Polysomnography (PSG), which consists of EEG (Electroencephalography , EEG), Electromyography ( EMG), Respiration, ECG ( Electrocardiography, EKG). Assessment of oxygen in the blood ( Oxygen saturation) , which is a detailed examination. Made by the patient to sleep at the hospital 1-2night to help diagnose sleep disorders mentioned above. There are also other special tests. Another test for abnormal sleepiness is the Multiple Sleep Latency Test, MSLT , which assesses sleep problems that affect excessive daytime sleepiness.

At present, the trend of diagnosis or monitoring of diseases or problems related to sleep. Begin to focus on assessing the actual symptoms. at the patient’s home due to coming to the hospital It may not be a symptom that is similar to the daily life of all patients. Therefore, at present, innovations are being developed. Sleep monitoring at the patient’s home Since wearing a device to measure sleep on the wrist (Actigraphy), which can help tell the time to fall asleep or wake up for a period of weeks to follow up or help screen sleep problems Device for measuring movement while sleeping ( NIGHT-Recorder) type attached to the patient’s body. To assess the patient’s sleep movements at home. Or a sleep test at home, similar to PSG in a hospital to diagnose snoring problems from obstructive sleep apnea ( OSA), etc.

Heart disease is the third leading cause of death for Thai people, Heart Center, Med Park Hospital. Therefore, the goal is to maintain heart health and provide high standard of treatment to help prevent and treat heart disease patients effectively. by a team of experts that combine both the country’s leading cardiologists Medical personnel specializing in all branches of heart disease equipped with modern tools and equipment make heart center Med Park Hospital is ready to care for patients with heart disease in complex and difficult cases.

Experienced medical team ready to take care of complex diseases

heart center medical team Med Park Hospital Consists of specialist doctors in every field with high experience and expertise. Ready to take care and treat all types of heart patients such as Angina myocardial ischemia chronic heart failure abnormal heart valves arrhythmia or other abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels It also has a high potential for the treatment of heart disease that is complicated or requires special expertise, such as the treatment of aortic aneurysm without open thoracic surgery.

Multidisciplinary team for holistic care

The cardiovascular system is a sensitive body system. It is important to other organs. Med Park Hospital therefore preparing a team of specialists in many fields to help treat Caring and rehabilitating heart disease patients Possible effectively, such as an anesthesiologist specializing in heart surgery anesthesia A rehabilitation physician who is important in helping heart patients rehabilitate after surgery to be ready to live a quality life. A dietitian who will help guide proper dietary care for heart patients.

High standard tools

Heart Center Med Park Hospital has selected modern equipment with high efficiency, such as a 2-plane X-ray machine that helps to clearly see the inside of the blood vessels and the installation of a special x-ray machine in the hybrid operating room It helps doctors perform more precise and convenient procedures, such as coronary artery by balloon angioplasty and insertion of stents in the precise and fast position. And in the event that heart surgery is required, it can be done immediately without having to transfer the patient to another operating room.

Heart Center designed by cardiologists

Cardiologists have participated in the selection of equipment and tools. that should be in both the examination room and the operating room And from the experience of treating heart patients, many have given opinions and advice. To help the architect team at Med Park Hospital design a heart center that will provide convenience and flexibility for healthcare professionals in the workflow, procedures, number of exam rooms and operating rooms that should be available. And make the patient feel comfortable during the treatment at the heart center. Med Park Hospital

Continuing to develop doctors

With the potential of Med Park Hospital The Heart Center aims to continue to develop to become a standard education center for cardiovascular specialists. certified to support the development of medical personnel research to increase knowledge and promote the medical center of Thailand in the future

Heart Center Med Park Hospital ready to take care of heart health and provides treatment for all types of heart disease patients with high standards With care and expertise of a team of medical professionals and personnel in all related fields. for all patients to have a good quality of life and feel at ease all the time.

diagnostic service

  • Non-invasive heart examination
    • ECG
    • Examination of peripheral arterial circulation
    • Examination of the heart with ultrasound
    • Echocardiogram with air bubble injection
    • Esophageal ultrasonography through the esophagus
    • Exercise Cardio Fitness Test – Treadmill/Cycling
    • Cardiac testing using nuclear medicine
    • Ultrasonography combined with exercise – treadmill/bicycle
    • ECG using dobutamine stimulation
    • Examination with an adjustable tilt bed
    • 24-hour ECG recording
    • Continuous, periodic monitoring of blood pressure.
    • Record monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias
    • Checking pacemakers and automatic defibrillators (Defibrillators)
  • Medical Imaging Heart Diagnosis
    • Measurement of the amount of plaque deposited in the coronary arteries.
    • Examination of coronary arteries with computed tomography
    • MRI examination of the heart and blood vessels


  • Coronary artery disease: Complicated coronary artery disease Coronary artery disease 100%
  • Physical heart abnormalities: aortic stenosis Mitral valve disease Atrial septum leak coronary artery disease, which is the connection between the body’s major arteries and lungs
  • Arrhythmia: Atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is abnormally fast. The heart beats abnormally fast in the lower chambers of the heart. Cardiovascular disease, degenerative heart disease, Lai death disease
  • heart failure
  • Peripheral arterial disease


  • Cardiovascular treatment procedures
    • procedure on coronary arteries
      • Examination of coronary artery by injecting contrast medium
      • Coronary angioplasty with a balloon and stent
      • coronary angiography and balloon angioplasty
      • Complicated coronary interventions
    • Non-cardiovascular procedures
      • Insertion of an artificial aortic heart valve through a catheter
      • Treatment of atrial septal defect through a catheter
      • Coronary artery closure that connects the aorta of the body and the lungs through a catheter.
      • Dilation of the mitral valve with a balloon
      • Closure of the left atrial appendage
      • Mitral clip treatment
      • Catheter cauterization of the autonomic nerve in the renal artery
      • Diagnosis of peripheral arteries
  • Cardiac electrical physiological examination
    • Implantation of a permanent pacemaker
    • implantation of a temporary pacemaker
    • Physiological examination, cardiac electrocardiography and ultrasound therapy
    • implantation of an automatic defibrillator with electrical signals
    • Treatment with a pacemaker to improve the coordination of both sides of the myocardium.
    • electrical defibrillation to adjust the heartbeat
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
    • coronary artery bypass surgery
    • heart valve replacement surgery
    • Endoscopic lung surgery

Cancer is the number one cause of death in Thailand. And is known to be a difficult disease to treat Cancer Center Med Park Hospital It brings together doctors who specialize in different types of cancer and have high experience in both treatment and research. Including personnel in various fields with expertise modern tools and technology together To help take care and cure cancer patients or can continue living with quality.

Med Park Hospital Cancer Center Therefore, we are ready to take care and provide treatment for patients with all types of cancer, for example, the most common cancers in Thailand are breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer. and other types of cancer with the availability of both a medical team and modern technology and promoting research to increase knowledge to find new treatment methods to increase the chances of success in defeating cancer

Take care of all aspects with a multi-disciplinary team.

Med Park Hospital Cancer Center focus on teamwork To provide effective holistic treatment results Combining doctors with expertise in treating different types of cancer. and working with specialists in all related fields Provide palliative care to care for patients both physically and mentally. Covers the disease and the side effects that may occur from the treatment. Including mental health care of patients and families.

Ready to treat with the latest knowledge

Med Park Cancer Center is ready to provide treatment with modern technology. Covering both chemotherapy Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy. (Immunotherapy) by specialists in each field. It considers the patient’s condition, disease, and other factors. to select treatment methods, drugs or technologies that are suitable for each patient (Personalized Treatment) for the most effective results. Because each patient has a physical condition, disease progression, genetic characteristics Different lifestyles, such as patients at home far away It is inconvenient to travel to the hospital every day. There must be a treatment plan that provides both good treatment results and convenience for patients at the same time, etc.

Special expertise with state-of-the-art tools

cancer of any kind All are diseases that are difficult to treat. and have a chance to come back again Med Park Hospital has a strong position in treating difficult and complex diseases. Therefore, we have created a team that is ready and has expertise. Able to treat and perform very difficult surgery, such as detecting the spread of cancer in the whole lymph nodes (Whole Node) at the molecular level without cutting. This is a difficult treatment that only a few hospitals in Thailand have the potential to do. Endoscopic surgery for thyroid cancer treatment of drug-resistant cancer by gene testing to find effective treatments, etc.

Promote research for better treatments.

Med Park Hospital has a policy to encourage doctors and medical personnel to learn more and do research to improve medical care to be more efficient. And help patients have choices and have a better quality of life. Although most cancers are incurable. But the doctor’s expertise and new knowledge will increase the chances of a cure. Help patients live their lives as comfortably as possible and prolong their quality of life for as long as possible. or trying to transform cancer from a life-threatening disease Become a chronic disease that can be managed.

Med Park Hospital Cancer Center is ready to work in 2 areas concurrently, which are holistic treatment and care for patients. with the availability of personnel, tools, medicines and modern and efficient technology with research work which requires knowledgeable physicians with an interest in research have knowledge Experienced in caring for many patients which working on both sides at the same time will make the cancer center Med Park Hospital has become a cancer center of excellence with high potential in providing efficient and caring care for cancer patients.

Med Park Hospital Cancer Center It also places importance on the quality of life for both the patient and their relatives. Facing cancer does not mean that patients and their families will suffer forever. Although we are committed to maintenance But we also focus on the happiness of the patients and their families. to have a better quality of life since the beginning of treatment The cancer center has a team to help patients and relatives. Taking care of physical and mental discomfort in every matter including everyday life so that the patient will not feel lonely or suffer alone In this respect, it is the heart of the care of cancer patients. to be a serious disease But we can make patients’ quality of life better. and can be happy

diagnostic service

  • Consultation for all types of cancer treatment and plan treatment
  • cancer screening in high-risk groups (Cancer Screening) cancer treatment with chemotherapy immunotherapy treatment and treated with targeted drugs
  • Cancer Couselling team recommends health care to reduce side effects during treatment. As well as having a team to follow up on symptoms or home visits. for consultation after the end of treatment as well as taking care of family members Because many types of cancer can be hereditary


  • all types of cancer
  • blood disease and cancer
  • gynecological cancer
  • suppress pain


  • Bone marrow puncture to detect the cause of anemia and cancer
  • Cancer treatment with chemotherapy (chemotherapy)
  • Hormone therapy
  • Targeted use of cancer drugs
  • immunotherapy treatment
  • targeted treatment
  • Palliative care for terminally ill patients and pain management

Cancer and radiation therapy center

The use of radiation is highly effective in treating various types of cancer. and some non-cancerous diseases Cancer and radiation therapy center Med Park Hospital There is a specialist at the center to check the accuracy and accuracy every day before radiation. Located on the B2 floor, well designed for safety. Some parts are solid cement walls up to 2.5 meters thick to prevent the leakage of radiation used in treatment. The interior of the center is designed to be spacious, clean, safe and private. There is a private car park available on the B2 floor, which can walk directly into the center immediately.

Cancer and radiation therapy center Equipped with state-of-the-art tools that are highly productive. Able to irradiate only the desired spot by effectively reducing the impact on organs or healthy tissues adjacent to the lesion Therefore, the patient is not traumatized and able to live a quality life during the treatment. Radiotherapy can be divided into 2 types: remote radiation therapy (Teletherapy) is radiation from the machine to the cancer cells in the patient. and near-field radiation therapy Brachytherapy is a new generation iridium brachytherapy (Ir-192) insertion at the lesion site to emit radiation directly from the site where cancer cells are found. Before removing the mineral from the patient and the patient can live a normal life.

Med Park Hospital has installed 2 linear accelerators (LINAC) and 1 resonator, thus having the potential to handle a large number of patients. Including being able to provide continuous service if there is a need for maintenance or new technology upgrades in the future

Careful planning for safe treatment

Because each patient has a physical condition, lesions, and the location to be treated is different. Med Park Hospital It provides tools to help medical physicists plan the most efficient and safe use of radiation for patients.

Planning is an important process that requires a great deal of expertise by the staff. because in some cases Officers must shine light on a point adjacent to vital organs. It is necessary to administer a very high dose of radiation to the site of the lesion. But the radiation dose must be minimized to preserve nearby organs which may be only 2 mm away. Sometimes planning takes a long time to calculate. This is for the safety and good quality of life of patients.

CT Simulator: Siemens SOMATOM Confidence

This latest CT Simulator Used to find the location of the lesion for simulating treatment. This CT Simulator has a large tunnel. Patients can go to bed comfortably without being uncomfortable.

The images obtained from the CT simulator will be used to plan the treatment. in order for the cancer to receive high doses of radiation However, normal nearby organs or vital organs will receive the lowest amount of radiation. When the treatment plan is complete The treatment plan is then returned to the CT Simulator room to locate the beams. so that radiation can be delivered to the same location every time the patient comes for treatment

There is also a Surface Tracking system to detect patient movements, such as moving up and down the chest. because when the patient breathes in and out The tumor moves in rhythm with the breathing, so having a surface tracking system allows the beam to be emitted according to the rhythm of the movement. Make the cancer tumor receive radiation exactly as planned for treatment.

Destroy cancer cells on the spot  

The radiation specialist will work closely with the doctor to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for each patient. every time before radiation therapy The radiation specialist must first check the location of the irradiation point to ensure that it is exactly where it is needed. when the inspection is complete The patient lies still in the room. Staff leave the room for safety and operate the machine from an adjacent control room. The projector head rotates around the patient and delivers a targeted dose of radiation. The whole process takes about 5-30 minutes depending on the projection technique.

before irradiation The staff will talk to the patient to relieve anxiety and reassure the patient. Medical staff may use equipment to immobilize the patient in order to ensure radiation accuracy and patient safety, such as masks or restraint devices, etc., if the patient becomes unwell during radiotherapy. can tell the staff to stop the machine and provide immediate assistance to the patient

ELEKTA Long Range Irradiator Certified by the US FDA.

Med Park Hospital is equipped with 2 remote irradiators capable of receiving a wide range of color exposure techniques, from Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT) to more complex irradiation techniques such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Volumetric. Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and 4D Techniques, which can greatly reduce the amount of radiation received by nearby organs. Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) guided imaging tools enhance the efficiency of detecting the irradiation position precisely as required by the physician.

  • The ELEKTA Infinity TM irradiator delivers 6MV and 10MV X-rays and 6,8,10,12,15 MeV electron rays, making it possible to treat cancers of different depths. The built-in 160-tooth Multileaf Collimator with 160 teeth allows the irradiation area to be determined according to the shape of the tumor.
  • The ELEKTA Versa works the same as the ELEKTA Infinity and has the addition of Flattening Filter Free (FFF) X-rays. make radiation faster And the bed can be adjusted in 6 directions. There is also a motion management position detection system before irradiation. making it highly accurate suitable for the treatment of small cancers Or in a position close to important organs, such as radiotherapy, surgery, Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) techniques.

Mineral insertion machine ELEKTA Flexitron

near-field radiation therapy Your doctor will insert a specific device into the cancer. in order for the cancer to receive the highest radiation while the surrounding organs receive a low dose of radiation when a suitable treatment plan has been obtained Radioactive Iradium-192 will move to the specified location When the time is over The machine will pull the mineral pellets back into the machine. Patients can go home without radiation. Able to live with family normally This therapy is suitable for treating cervical cancer. endometrial cancer and prostate cancer

with the availability of both locations modern technology and a team of experts from interdisciplinary fields make med park hospital Ready to provide effective diagnosis and radiation treatment services and for the greatest convenience to the patient To help patients live a normal and quality life with confidence and peace of mind.


  • Treating Cancer with Radiation Depending on the stage and indications of that cancer.
  • Treatment of prostate cancer with radiotherapy which the patient will recover quickly and control urination better than surgery
  • Treat various tumors with radiation, such as brain tumors.
  • The use of radiotherapy to prevent keloid scar formation after surgery


  • Mineral dressing for prostate cancer and female reproductive tract cancer
  • Computed tomography simulates the treatment model. three and four dimensions that adjusts the light irradiation according to the breathing rhythm

Special inspection tools and technology

  • The state-of-the-art ELEKTA VERSA HD particle accelerator can irradiate small tumors with radiosurgical techniques. (Radiosurgery)
  • equivalent to the machine Cyberknife/Gamma knife
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT/VMAT
  • Four-dimensional irradiation and breath-holding irradiation for patients with left-sided breast cancer (DIBH technique) and lung cancer
  • Computed X-ray machine simulates treatment with a large tunnel diameter so that the patient can be in the same position as the irradiation
  • Catalyst HD Patient Positioning System To guide the light projection with the current body surface image. Millimeter-level accuracy


  • Three-dimensional, four-dimensional, intensity-adjusted radiotherapy (SRS, SRT, SBRT)
  • Mineral dressing for prostate cancer and female reproductive tract cancer
  • breast cancer irradiation
  • Targeted irradiation in metastatic cancer for the relief of symptoms from the disease

Rheumatology Center

Rheumatology Center Med Park Hospital Available for diagnostic services and treating patients of all genders and ages with joint and rheumatic diseases which is a group of immune and inflammatory diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system such as joints, ligaments, etc. These disorders May affect blood vessels, skin, nerves or various internal organs.

diseases belonging to the group of rheumatism and rheumatism diverse covering more than 100 types of degenerative or inflammatory diseases of ligaments, muscles and bones, such as arthritis, sprain, jaundice, gout and artificial gout, osteoporosis, trigger finger, tendonitis, etc., including chronic diseases and difficult to treat diseases related to the immune system Including other symptoms Unexplained cause, such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), autoimmune disease/lupus Or better known as a bush disease. Psoriatic arthritis, scleroderma, inflamed blood vessels, frequent miscarriages, etc.

Experience and modern technology for accurate diagnosis

Various diseases related to arthritis and rheumatism Requires a lot of experience of the doctor. State-of-the-art tools and technology Because the diseases in this group cover a wide range, from diseases that are easy to diagnose with obvious symptoms such as arthritis, muscle pain, gout, etc. to diseases that have no cause, such as patients with fever that does not go away. Patients with frequent miscarriages and can’t find the cause An infant patient with severe abdominal pain who was later found to have intestinal venous inflammation. Caused by a type of fungus, etc., which has symptoms that can not tell for sure which disease is in addition, a variety of symptoms and diseases In addition, there are all age ranges from infancy to elderly patients aged 90 years and over and patients of all genders. Causing a lot of sensitivity and experience of the physician to diagnose

Rheumatology Center Med Park Hospital has specialists in arthritis and rheumatism who have been trained and trained in the United States. And received a medical certificate from the American Board (American board certified) ready to work together as a multidisciplinary team. By relying on modern technology such as accurate blood test results and quick results Help doctors diagnose faster more accurate Start treatment early and on the spot. Helps treat symptoms from the beginning Prevent the disease from progressing until the patient is unable to use normal daily life.

expand knowledge

Med Park Hospital has a policy that focuses on continuing education. knowledge transfer, research, rheumatology and rheumatology center Med Park Hospital therefore giving importance to development in all aspects as a whole whether it is an experienced medical team modern technology that can check and find in-depth information Including helping to treat effectively. Buildings, buildings that provide convenience. Provide a relaxed environment for patients and allow doctors and staff to work efficiently. All of these elements will be the foundation that Med Park Hospital is ready to be a center for knowledge transfer. And to train doctors and medical personnel to have the knowledge, ability and potential to take better care of patients.

diagnostic service

  • Provide diagnostic services for joint and rheumatic diseases
  • water penetration in joints for examination


  • Providing treatment services for joint and rheumatic diseases.


  • water penetration in joints
  • joint injection


  • Arthritis and rheumatism in children

Thailand has diabetes patients about 10 percent of the total population or every 10 people will have diabetes or abnormal blood sugar 1 person and there are about 100,000 new patients per year. Med Park Hospital Therefore, the emphasis is on both treatment with a highly experienced multidisciplinary team for holistic care. and screening risk groups to prevent further development of diabetes

Screening risk groups

Because prevention is better than cure. Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Med Park Hospital therefore focusing on screening risk groups such as those with direct relatives with diabetes people who are overweight people with high blood pressure or already have cardiovascular disease, for example, to be examined regularly for signs that may indicate abnormally high blood sugar in order to be treated before the disease

Multidisciplinary teams working together to take care of

Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Med Park Hospital There is a team of specialized endocrinologists who have more than 10 years of experience in treating diabetes and endocrinology, a team of dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and nutritionists who are ready to provide integrated assistance, such as installing a device for measuring sugar levels. periodically in the blood to collect information for treatment, etc., and to find out risky behaviors as well as planning to help patients change their behavior to make the treatment more effective The patient still enjoys living, such as controlling the amount or adjusting certain eating methods that affect blood sugar levels. which if the blood sugar level is well controlled May reduce or stop taking the drug. In addition, the patient will also have a quality of life. They can also control the cost of medicines, etc.

diabetes treatment goals

Highly experienced specialists of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic and multidisciplinary teams Med Park Hospital will take care of patients. Prevent complications such as diabetic foot or ulcers, blurred vision, coronary heart disease, kidney dysfunction, etc. or if there are complications The goal is to prevent dismemberment, such as not having to amputate the foot. This will cause the patient to lose the freedom to live a quality life, etc. If it is a lot and needs to lose organs. The medical team will make sure the patient can rehabilitate or provide prosthetics. in order to live a normal life or closest to

diabetic foot center

Diabetes does not always require amputation of the foot if it is well cared for. diabetic foot center Med Park Hospital There is a multidisciplinary team that is ready to take care closely and treat from the beginning to prevent organ loss, such as bunion treatment, ingrown toenail treatment. Tailoring shoes that are suitable for the patient’s body to reduce friction from putting weight on the feet at certain points This will prevent a wound that may spread to the point of having to amputate the foot, for example.

If the patient has foot ulcers The multidisciplinary team at Med Park Hospital will treat the wound as quickly as possible. by adding oxygen Taking care of the health of the blood vessels that feed the feet Or may have to make a balloon. to expand the blood vessels that feed the feet Prevent the wound from rotting and spreading to the point of having to amputate the foot.


Specialist of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Med Park Hospital Highly experienced in treating patients with all types of thyroid disease Both hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid in which patients will experience symptoms of fatigue easily, hot flashes, palpitations, weight loss, hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. This will cause the patient to gain weight. and different types of tumors at the thyroid gland by providing treatment that meets medical standards According to the symptoms and conditions of each patient, such as mineral swallowing, drug treatment and surgery, etc.

Other endocrine diseases

In addition to diabetes and thyroid Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Med Park Hospital Also ready to diagnose, treat and take care of patients with other endocrine diseases such as adrenal gland dysfunction. This will cause patients to have uneven skin tone, palpitations, abnormal sugar and mineral levels. pituitary gland malfunction This will cause irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, sexual dysfunction, obesity, uncontrollable blood sugar/blood pressure, etc.

Because good quality of life is an important goal. Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Med Park Hospital along with a team of highly experienced specialists have an understanding of the patient And a committed multidisciplinary team ready to help patients lead a quality life or recover from disease or reduce the risk of endocrine and metabolic diseases.

diagnostic service

  • Diabetes and endocrine diagnosis services
  • obesity diagnosis


  • Standard treatment for diabetes and endocrinology
  • obesity treatment overweight


  • thyroid biopsy


  • There are nurses who specialize in diabetic foot care.
  • weight loss program

Eye Center, Med Park Hospital Providing services for examination, diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of eye diseases such as pterygium, cataracts, glaucoma, degenerative eyelids. macular degeneration or diseases related to abnormalities outside the eyeball, such as abnormalities of the eyelids and eye muscles Including diseases that are difficult to treat, such as cancer, etc., with a team of medical professionals at the forefront of Asia. State-of-the-art diagnostic technology and patient-centered care so that the patient receives good treatment Have a better quality of life with clear vision. and self-reliant

cataract surgery We propose a new type of surgery that can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. Ophthalmologist team Using modern technology to assist in surgery, such as Wavefront Laser technology that helps surgeons to correct abnormalities accurately and quickly

Including eye measurements of patients during surgery with a variety of modern measuring equipment to confirm the results and ensure that each patient has the most appropriate lenses and for clear vision.

Asia’s leading medical team

Eye Center medical team Med Park Hospital All of them are highly respected doctors in the ophthalmology community in Asia. and is highly experienced in the field of treatment and Med Park Hospital There are specialist ophthalmologists in every field who can treat patients continuously and as a team.

Accuracy matters most

Sharp, clear vision is an important part that allows people to live life to the fullest. The team of specialist ophthalmologists at Med Park Hospital therefore pays attention to the accuracy of treatment. and with the determination to improve the patient’s condition and stop the disease or condition that causes the patient’s vision to decrease Ophthalmologist team Med Park Hospital Modern technology has been used to help, such as Wavefront Laser technology, which allows surgeons to correct abnormalities accurately and quickly, as well as to measure patients’ eyesight again during surgery. Several measurement tools are used to confirm the results. To ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate lenses and for clear vision.

Patient satisfaction must come first.

Realizing that each patient has different lifestyle and needs, for example, some people like to play sports. Some people pay attention to the image. Or using a lot of computers, etc. The methods and treatment results of each person are not the same. Ophthalmologist at Med Park Hospital will try to find out the true needs of patients and provide choices that are in line with the needs, lifestyles, and lifestyle behaviors that the patient desires

In terms of service, Eye Center, Med Park Hospital Providing services that facilitate and focus on giving patients peace of mind, such as arranging staff to take care of and assist patients in every step, etc., which will help patients have a satisfactory experience during receiving services from the hospital.

Ophthalmology center designed by an ophthalmologist

from experience and expertise Ophthalmologist Med Park Hospital has been involved in laying the foundations and frameworks for patient care with care, intimacy, and patient needs in mind. In order to provide patients with peace of mind and peace of mind that they will receive care from real specialists, Med Park Hospital has selected ophthalmologists who share the same concept, which is to focus on the best interests of patients. and ready to work together as a team to jointly correct abnormalities in the vision of patients and together make the treatment better More accurate. In addition, there must be sincerity and honesty with patients. by providing information around Including risks that patients should be aware of

Eye Center, Med Park Hospital ready to provide services to patients of all genders and ages with care and close warm care and provide treatment with a team of experts and modern technology for better visibility and better quality of life

diagnostic service

  • Visual acuity visual acuity measurement
  • Examination of myopia and astigmatism with an automatic machine Auto Refraction
  • Tonometry intraocular pressure measurement
  • Measure the thickness of the cornea CCT: Central Corneal Thickness
  • Check for color blindness Color Vision test
  • Examination of the eyes through a microscope by an ophthalmologist (Eye Examination with Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy)
  • Eye muscle function test, strabismus, strabismus
  • Fundus Photography by Ultra-widefield Digital Retinal Camera (CLARUS)
  • Cross-sectional analysis/retinal scan Optic nerve polarity and retinal thickness (OCT)
  • Analysis of abnormalities in the field of vision and blood vessels around the field of view and the optic nerve by using OCT (OCTA)
  • Analysis and calculation of artificial intraocular lenses Measure length, thickness, depth of intraocular structure before cataract surgery (IOL Master)
  • Computerized Visual Field Analysis (CTVF: Computerized Visual Field Analysis)
  • cornea analysis The number of corneal cells (endothelial cell count) was measured by specular microscopy.
  • Analysis of the anterior segment of the eye with the High-resolution Swept-source OCT (ANTERION) system.
  • Analysis of curvature and corneal surface (Pentacam)
  • Diagnosis of diseases of the anterior sclera with ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM).
  • Measure the length of the eyeball with a laser scan (A-scan Ultrasonography).
  • Diagnosis of diseases of the posterior eyeball with ultrasound (B-scan Ultrasonography)
  • eye examination
  • Examination and treatment of all eye diseases
  • Eye examination and eye disease in children
  • Screening for retinal disease in premature children
  • Vision screening and lazy eye in children
  • All types of eye surgery, such as phacoemulsification surgery with ultrasound and intraocular lens implantation Pterygium surgery, glaucoma surgery, retinal surgery, eyelid surgery Plastic and reconstructive ophthalmic surgery Strabismus correction surgery strabismus in both children and adults Including corneal transplant surgery, etc.
  • screening for various eye diseases


  • cataract
  • glaucoma
  • corneal disease
  • retinal disease
  • visual acuity
  • Dry eye disease, pterygium, glaucoma
  • uveitis
  • nervous ophthalmology
  • Tear duct obstruction
  • Eyelid and Orbital Disorders Plastic and reconstructive ophthalmic surgery
  • Eye disease in children and strabismus abnormal eye muscles
  • measure eyeglasses
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • low vision


  • Warm compresses on the eyelids with Blephasteam.
  • Clean and massage the fat on the eyelids (Lid Hygiene Treatment)
  • puncture the abscess in the eyelid
  • Laser treatment of glaucoma Laser peripheral lridotomy (LPI) or Laser iridoplasty
  • Laser treatment for open-angle glaucoma Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
  • Laser treatment of fibrosis after cataract surgery Laser YAG Capsulotomy
  • Laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy and panretinal photocoagulation/Focal Laser
  • Laser retinal detachment (Laser Retinopexy)
  • Laser treatment of the retina in premature babies (ROP Laser Treatment)
  • Fluorescein fundus angiography / ICG
  • injection into the vitreous (Intravitreous Injection)
  • Cataract surgery with ultrasound and replacing artificial intraocular lenses and using the Advanced Cataract System with Digital Marking System and Wavefront Technology.
  • Sutureless pterygium surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery, both Conventional and Microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)
  • corneal transplantation surgery
  • Vitreous and retinal surgery
  • eye muscle correction surgery
  • Eyelid correction surgery, double eyelid surgery
  • Surgery for clogged tear ducts with a camera (Endoscopy DCR)
  • Surgery for different types of eye tumors

Urology Center

Urology Center Med Park Hospital Providing services for examination, screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients of all genders and ages who need treatment for urinary tract surgery by specialist doctors. There are modern medical equipment. and provide services according to international standards From personnel with expertise in urinary tract and prostate surgery who are available to provide advice and follow up on treatment. Close and continuous preparation before and after surgery so that service users feel safe and achieve maximum satisfaction

general health and complex diseases Complete care in one place

urinary tract center Med Park Hospital ready to provide care and treatment for various disorders in the urinary tract without having to send the patient to another hospital By taking care of the entire system from the ureter, bladder, urethra, prostate, testes, scrotum and male reproductive system Both common diseases such as kidney stones, bladder stones symptoms of urinary incontinence urinary tract infection Diseases in the urinary tract that affect sexual performance, etc., to diseases that are difficult to treat and complicated, such as kidney cancer surgery. or kidney infection bladder cancer drug-resistant cancer, etc., or patients with concomitant diseases such as heart disease, coronary artery disease, renal disease, diabetes, etc. by working with specialists in other fields. to provide holistic patient care

Specialized medical team of the Urology Center Med Park Hospital Highly experienced and internationally recognized Proficient in surgery and treatment with modern medical equipment and technology Provide effective and accurate treatment results such as endoscopic surgery. Cancer treatment with effective radiotherapy technology can destroy cancer cells in specific areas and has little effect on nearby tissues or organs, etc. In some cases, open surgery is not required. no blood transfusion needed No need for a urinary catheter And the patient may not need to stay overnight at the hospital. This will reduce the risk of infection or complications. and patients can recover quickly return to normal life faster too

prevention before illness

Initial screening for abnormal signs and prevent disease very important Because it will help to know the risk that may occur abnormalities such as annual prostate examination. which will have a blood test checking the flow of urine, etc., if abnormalities are found Doctors can treat it in the early stages before it progresses to a more serious disease.

Doctor-designed medical center

One of the policies of Med Park Hospital is an opportunity for physicians to participate in designing and defining the service and treatment process. To achieve maximum efficiency for operators and patients. A team of medical professionals has shared their opinions during the preparation and construction of the hospital. Determine operational procedures to meet standards. Determining the method of serving the patient for maximum convenience and patients are most comfortable jointly selecting an experienced team have expertise in various fields selection of modern and highly efficient diagnostic and treatment technologies and equipment in order to provide the best possible care and treatment for patients and setting appropriate medical fees that patients have the ability to afford in order to receive quality treatment and impressively comfortable services.

future medical training center

With the readiness of a team of medical professionals Highly experienced in the field of medicine and in academia Availability of modern tools and technology and good relations with medical schools both in the country and abroad Med Park Hospital aims to pass on knowledge and experience to support the development of medical personnel to be ready to take care of patients in the future.

urinary tract center Med Park Hospital Committed to taking care of the health of patients with the urinary tract with quality treatment and service as well as holistic care To help improve the quality of life of patients and to develop a healthy society.

diagnostic service

  • Providing screening, diagnosis and consultation services in the following symptom groups:
    • Syndrome with pain and abnormalities in the abdomen.
    • Problematic syndromes and disorders of the male reproductive system.
    • tumor-bearing group a lump or lump on the skin or feel a lump
    • Problematic syndromes and disorders of the urinary system
    • Syndromes with prostate problems such as enlarged prostate, inflammation, and prostate cancer.
    • Reproductive vascular malformation syndrome
    • Syndrome with problems with erectile dysfunction (male)


  • treatment service and surgery in the following symptom groups
    • Abdominal pain such as urinary and kidney stones
    • A syndrome that includes abscesses, inflammation, swelling, and redness on the genital skin.
    • Abnormal blood vessel syndrome, such as varicose veins in the testicles
    • A group of symptoms that have problems with urination, such as burning urination, urinary incontinence, and urinary incontinence. urinary incontinence incomplete urination
    • Symptoms of prostate problems such as enlarged prostate Inflammation and prostate cancer
    • Surgery to treat diseases such as cancer of the urinary tract and kidneys.
    • Surgery for better health and quality of life
    • Syndrome with problems with erectile dysfunction.
    • menopause


  • Surgical service and treatment Endoscopic surgery according to the objectives of the treatment as follows:
    • diagnostic surgery
    • surgery to treat disease
    • Corrective surgery for a better quality of life
    • male health care
    • bladder endoscopy
    • shock wave lithotherapy
    • Treatment of prostate cancer with brachytherapy

Nuclear Medicine Center Med Park Hospital Provide both diagnostic and treatment services. by using different types of radiopharmaceuticals as appropriate for the organ to be examined

  • Diagnosis It will take radiography of various organs. by using radiopharmaceuticals (Radiopharmaceutical) by using a small amount and does not remain in the body, such as examining kidney function, detecting cancer, cancer metastasis.
  • In terms of treatment, radiopharmaceuticals can be used to treat certain types of cancer, such as thyroid cancer. certain types of liver cancer It can also relieve bone pain caused by the spread of certain cancers.

diagnostic service

  • SPECT/CT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography/Computed Tomography;SPECT/CT)
    is a combination of gamma-rays and computed tomography (CT) imaging. Radiopharmaceuticals will be selected as appropriate for the organ to be examined. It uses a small amount of radiation according to age and body weight and does not remain in the body.

    • Bone scan: A radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-MDP is injected into the body to look at bone abnormalities. such as the spread of cancer to the bone (Bone metastasis), inflammation of the bone Jaw growth (Mandible growth) etc.
    • Renal scan: A radiopharmaceutical agent 99mTc-MAG3 or 99mTc-DTPA is injected into the body to view kidney function. which can tell the percentage of each kidney function kidney obstruction or renal function after kidney transplantation
    • Cardiac scan: A radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-MIBI or 201Tl chloride is injected into the body to view the activity of the left ventricle. Myocardial ischemia, etc.
  • Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT)
    is a photograph of positron emissions from radiopharmaceuticals combined with computed tomography (CT) imaging. of organs up to the molecular level Radiopharmaceutical agents are selected as appropriate for the organ to be examined. It uses a small amount of radiation according to age and body weight and does not remain in the body.

    • The 18F-FDG radiopharmaceutical cancer screening can diagnose many types of cancer. spread of cancer Evaluation of cancer treatment It can also diagnose infection (Infection) or find the cause of high fever (Unknow fever origin).
    • The radiopharmaceutical 68Ga-PSMA prostate cancer detection is a highly accurate detection of prostate cancer. It can also be used to assess and monitor treatment.
    • Diagnosis of abnormal brain function, such as Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, etc., using 18F-FDG or 18F-FDOPA radiopharmaceuticals.


Radiopharmaceuticals can be used to diagnose diseases, treat certain types of cancer, and can alleviate pain from certain types of cancer.

  • Use of radiopharmaceutical iodine 131 (131I) to treat thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis)
  • The use of radiopharmaceutical 153 Sm to alleviate bone pain caused by bone metastases. Helping patients live longer

Neurosurgery Clinic Med Park Hospital Outpatient service Treatment of neurosurgical patients with a team of medical specialists in all fields of neurosurgery Available 24 hours a day

diagnostic service

  • stroke treatment (cerebrovascular accident)
  • AVM stroke
  • Brain, spinal cord and nerve tumors
  • Brain and skull base tumors
  • Aneurysm disease
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • degenerative spinal condition
  • degenerative joint disease
  • head injury
  • herniated disc disease
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • Stroke and spinal cord disease
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • severe cerebral edema cerebral necrosis due to lack of blood supply
  • spinal disease
  • spinal injury


  • stroke treatment (cerebrovascular accident)
  • abnormal body movements
  • Brain, spinal cord and nerve tumors
  • Brain and spine injuries
  • Aneurysm disease
  • Complicated cerebrovascular and spinal cord disease
  • Vertebral fractures collapse from osteoporosis.
  • degenerative joint disease
  • hydrocephalus
  • herniated disc disease
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • Stroke and spinal cord disease
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • spinal disease


  • stroke treatment (cerebrovascular accident)
  • brain surgery
  • Craniotomy
  • Dilation of the carotid artery
  • X-ray examination of the blood vessels of the brain and neck
  • Ischemic Stroke Surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery on the brain and nervous system
  • Surgery to correct malfunctions of the body
  • craniotomy to reduce pressure
  • Microsurgical brain surgery
  • minimally invasive brain surgery
  • Neurosurgery and Vascular Surgery including hybrid surgery Angiography in the operating room (Hybrid cerebrovascular surgery with intraoperative angiography)
  • Peripheral neuropathy surgery
  • spinal neurosurgery
  • Nasal pituitary surgery
  • Abnormal cerebrovascular disease (Vascular Neurosurgery)
  • Surgery to place a drainage tube in the ventricles to the abdomen

neurology clinic Med Park Hospital Committed to helping dementia patients lead a quality life with diagnostic services Treat and care for patients with care. A team of doctors, nurses and medical personnel are specialized specialists who have extensive experience in brain and nervous system diseases. It focuses on patient-centered treatment. including selecting efficient technology and modern medical innovations to jointly take care of and find a way to treat patients effectively Helping patients to be self-reliant and live as normal as possible

neurology clinic Ready to take care and treat patients with all kinds of brain diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, paralysis, paralysis, epilepsy, migraine, sleep disorders, smell, movement, leg trouble, poor balance, etc. Treatment, whether drugs, surgery or modern and effective technology according to high medical standards

give full time
What is the main concern and question that patients and relatives always ask is what disease is it? Specialized medical team of the neurology clinic Med Park Hospital therefore ready to give full time to all patients To explain details about the disease, treatment, care, especially providing information for patients and doctors to consider options Before jointly making a decision and making a personalized treatment plan for each patient to help patients get better There are few side effects, there is a patient journey or they can live a normal quality of life and delay the deterioration or progression of the disease for as long as possible. At the same time, it also helps relatives feel comfortable, confident and able to care for patients without worry

fast and accurate
Teamwork includes physicians from all disciplines such as surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, radiologists, as well as using modern diagnostic technology at Med Park Hospital’s own medical laboratory. Allows doctors to receive all-round information can bring information from examination with various technologies come together to get a clear picture about symptoms, conditions, and disease progression In order to accurately diagnose the disease, even if those symptoms or abnormalities are common symptoms of many diseases. Accurate diagnosis requires a great deal of expertise and experience. And it is an important starting point to help doctors start treating patients correctly early. After that, the medical team will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual patient for a highly effective treatment.

designed by a doctor
Specialist doctors have contributed their opinions since the design process, both in terms of the location. process service standards and management in the clinic by looking at it from the perspective of patients and relatives What do you want when you see a doctor? and looking from the operator’s perspective on how to make it a good place to work Provide convenience and safety Be friendly to the patient And it makes both the doctor and the patient feel comfortable to talk to each other during the history and symptoms questionnaire. with care to get the most accurate information And jointly plan treatment and monitor symptoms effectively.

Modern innovations for a better quality of life every day.
Med Park Hospital Modern technologies and innovations are used to help diagnose diseases quickly and accurately, such as various digital scanners, etc. balance that will help to know the patient’s specific problems walking stick To help treat symptoms that are obstacles in daily life Make patients have a better quality of life. can be self-reliant walk safely and have freedom of movement

neurology clinic Med Park Hospital It is an outpatient service center. Treatment of patients in neurology with a team of medical specialists in all fields of neurology, ready to provide services 24 hours a day. Accurate, rapid diagnosis and accurate and effective treatment. By paying attention to detail and meeting the expectations of patients and relatives. Both in terms of receiving treatment with specialized doctors with high competence and experience. Giving full time to patients And to be a center for information that helps patients understand their disease, their condition, treatment, medication, with the main goal of helping patients have a good quality of life for as long as possible.

diagnostic service

  • Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders
  • epilepsy
  • facial paralysis
  • headache
  • migraine
  • head injury
  • Memory disorders and dementia
  • Nervous system disease causes muscles to malfunction.
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • stroke
  • Brain and sleep disorders
  • Immune neuropathy
  • spinal cord disease
  • Stroke and its treatment (including neurosurgery)
  • facial nerve pain


  • Treatment related to Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders
  • treatment of cerebrovascular disease patients
    • Treatment of cerebrovascular disease with fibrinolytic drugs
    • Mechanical thrombectomy treatment of cerebrovascular disease
  • Botox Injections for Neurological Treatment and movement disorders
  • Treatment by carotid artery dilation
  • Examination of blood vessels of the brain and neck with X-ray machine and injection of contrast medium
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Specific to Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
  • epilepsy treatment
  • Acute and chronic headaches
  • migraine treatment
  • head injury treatment
  • Treatment of memory disorders and dementia
  • Treatment of diseases related to the nervous system, nerves, causing muscles to malfunction.
  • Treatment of peripheral neuropathy
  • stroke treatment
  • Treatment of cerebral and sleep disorders
  • Treatment of immunodeficiency neuropathy
  • spinal cord disease treatment
  • Facial nerve pain treatment


  • treatment of cerebrovascular disease patients
    • Treatment of cerebrovascular disease with fibrinolytic drugs
    • Mechanical thrombectomy treatment of cerebrovascular disease
  • Botox Injections for Neurological Treatment and movement disorders
  • Treatment by carotid artery dilation
  • Examination of blood vessels of the brain and neck with X-ray machine and injection of contrast medium
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Specific to Parkinson’s Disease
  • Continuous EEG monitoring
  • EEG
  • Electromyography of nerves and muscles
  • memory assessment
  • cerebrospinal fluid puncture
  • Nerve ending electromagnetic wave therapy
  • Brain electromagnetic therapy

infectious disease center

Med Park Hospital Has the ability to treat patients with all kinds of infectious diseases and all organs, especially serious infectious disease Infectious diseases that are difficult to treat, such as drug-resistant diseases, contagious diseases, and infectious diseases that arise from multiple pathogens. organs together, etc.

With the mission of being a leading hospital in the Chatutthaphum level (Quaternary Care) with potential and readiness for intensive care care Patients with difficult and complex diseases effectively, Med Park has selected a team of doctors with evident knowledge and competence. and is committed to taking care of infectious disease patients as an important basis

For this reason, patient care in the Critical Care Unit is a big goal. In addition to the highly specialized medical team Along with medical personnel, Med Park also has strengths with the number of intensive care beds up to 130, which is the highest among private hospitals in Thailand. It is also designed to be adjustable according to the patient’s situation. It is also equipped with modern medical equipment.

Prof. Dr. Monthej Sukpranee, along with a team of medical professionals They are committed to the principles aimed at developing infectious disease prevention processes in the intensive care unit to exceed JCI standards by proactively working. and continuously develop potential both efficiency in diagnosis, treatment, as well as service for maximum patient safety

Medical professionals follow the same guidelines by putting their best effort into treating their patients. whoever it is How old are you? and severe symptoms In order for the patient to have the greatest chance of survival, therefore, the duty of the physician is Don’t stop helping the sick. and trying endlessly

for the impact of the spread of the COVID-19 virus make maid park Raise the standard of infectious disease prevention within the hospital to another level, while setting guidelines for patients in the modern era. To provide higher safety for doctors and related personnel Because in intensive care there is always a risk of infection.

In addition, a team of infectious disease specialists has also prepared an Emergency Preparedness Plan to deal with Emerging diseases and re-emerging diseases, which are ready for immediate action. Therefore, it is regarded as the heart of management.

at Med Park Hospital Medical professionals never stop researching. to lead to the creation of new medical innovations that is of great importance in the development of medical science This will create a new standard for diagnosis and treatment of patients both nationally and globally, leading to an opportunity to save lives from various infections.

internal medicine center

internal medicine center It is the first checkpoint that must meet with the patient. and treating a variety of diseases Med Park Hospital therefore has selected a team of internists who are highly experienced in many fields. Able to work with other specialist doctors efficiently and prepare modern and efficient technology To help support doctors to diagnose the disease correctly. and choose an effective treatment method that is suitable for each patient’s condition precisely

strong team

internal medicine medical team Divide the work into two parts. The first part is the first group to meet with the patient. It consists of a medical practitioner with many years of working experience. Assessment and preliminary diagnosis And can be referred to a specialist immediately when necessary. and the second part be a support team Consists of specialist doctors who can give advice at any time In order for patients to be diagnosed and treated for diseases or illnesses quickly. and on target Choose to use technology to help diagnose diseases such as PET scan, CT scan, etc. correctly. To reduce the problem of forwarding to many departments to a minimum.

Working as a multidisciplinary team

The main idea of ​​Med Park Hospital’s medical team Therefore, we focus on working together to prevent, reduce risks, and make patients as safe as possible. In treating each patient, the doctors and related staff will not only treat the immediate symptoms. But will consider the likelihood of developing symptoms or related diseases in the future, such as heart disease patients who come in for angiography to diagnose the condition of the heart and blood vessels will receive all aspects of care to reduce the risk that patients will have to return to the doctor with the same symptoms Or to inject color and treat the same symptoms again in the future, etc.

internal medicine center which is the first part to see the patient Therefore, there are doctors who specialize in all aspects such as bone disease, kidney disease, lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. will work together to provide holistic health care for patients Because various systems and organs In the body, there are connections such as kidneys, heart, diabetes, which involve all blood vessels, etc.

In addition, it also works with personnel in other areas, such as in the care of patients with kidney disease. Medical specialists must work closely with nurses in caring for dialysis patients. Work with nutritionists and dietitians to help patients achieve a diet that is appropriate for their disease and condition. or in the care of the elderly May need to work closely with a dietitian physical therapist psychiatric specialist To help patients take care and be self-reliant. help families take care of patients as efficiently as possible, etc.

“We pay attention to meticulousness in selecting people. The goals we set are long-term goals. I don’t expect that Open the hospital. On the first day, there must be 100 doctors to stand here. If the hospital has quality doctors Patients come to you and spread the word. Building a team requires building people. We don’t want to open the first day. There are 30 or 40 centers, but it doesn’t meet the needs of the hospital. The reputation is not because there is. A medical center more than anyone else, the reputation of our hospital is that we can do what others can’t. This is the important thing that people Technology is a supporter. But having technology will help us to reach a better diagnosis faster, the two must go hand in hand.”

Surgery by endoscopy (Minimally Invasive Surgery) is an innovation in modern surgical technology. Developed to help surgeons without the need to open large incisions like in the past Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment It’s a very popular method nowadays. It is adding new options for patients to treat various diseases. This will allow the patient to return to normal life and have a better quality of life faster than before.

Endoscopic surgery allows the doctor to see in depth the details of the internal organs in a realistic way. Through Medical grade 4K display technology , resulting in sharp and accurate images. Doctors can make accurate diagnoses. and more quickly

Benefits to the patient of laparoscopic surgery,

smaller incision …. The incision is significantly smaller compared to open surgery. The wound size is only 0.5 – 1.0 cm.

Less painful … Patients will feel pain for a shorter time. and less painful than open surgery More importantly, it helps patients recover quickly. and able to return to work or normal life faster

Med Park Hospital offers endoscopic surgery services as follows: General Surgery Department


  • Biliary and liver surgery
  • Stomach and intestinal surgery
  • Colon and rectal surgery
  • Hernia surgery

Department of Urology

  • Kidney and adrenal gland surgery
  • Urethral and ureteral surgery
  • Bladder and prostate surgery
  • Urinary tract stone surgery

obstetrics and gynecology department

  • Surgery of the uterus and ovaries
  • cervical surgery

orthopedic department

  • spinal surgery
  • shoulder surgery
  • Knee and tendon surgery

heart center

  • Endoscopic surgery on the thoracic organs

Preparation before and after laparoscopic surgery

before undergoing surgery

  1. Withhold food and water for at least 8 hours prior to surgery. and or if necessary, food should be soft and easily digestible If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, tell your doctor first.
  2. Inform the treating physician in detail of any medications and supplements you are taking. Especially anti-platelet drugs or drugs that slow blood clotting.
  3. The doctor will perform a physical examination. And additional laboratory tests, such as blood tests, blood pressure measurement, pulse, lung and heart function system Including x-ray of the relevant internal organs. An electrocardiogram may be performed to assess the underlying heart health of the person undergoing surgery.

after surgery

  1. The patient may feel tired and exhausted for about 1-3 days, which is normal and can be found.
  2. If there is pain or nausea after surgery should inform the nurse The pain in the wound is usually in the first period after surgery. You should take painkillers for relief. And over time, the pain will gradually subside.
  3. The patient can take a shower if the wound is covered with waterproof plaster. but if it is a non-waterproof bandage Be careful not to let the wound come into contact with water. Until the due date of the doctor’s appointment to check again
  4. Avoid lifting things that are too heavy. And refrain from strenuous exercise for about 1-2 weeks after surgery.
  5. Avoid driving for at least 7 days after surgery.
  6. Abstain from sexual intercourse for about 2 weeks after surgery.

Why do you have to have surgery at the Laparoscopic Surgery Center, Med Park Hospital?

  1. At Med Park Hospital, our medical team works as a team. Laparoscopic surgeons work with a team of highly experienced anesthesiologists. And a team of professional nurses are ready to closely monitor the safety of patients throughout the surgery period.
  2. Surgeons of Med Park Hospital have undergone special training both domestically and internationally. has a specific expertise in endoscopic surgery with expertise in the following areas:

Endoscopic tendon repair surgery (Sport Trauma or Sports Medicine)

  • Knee joint (Arthroscopic With Ligament Reconstruction, ACL, PCL or meniscal repaired)
  • Shoulder joint (Arthroscopic With Rotator cuff repaired, Acromioplasty, Bankart repaired)

Laparoscopic surgery with a small incision of about 0.5 cm. It is a surgery that causes less irritation to the tissue, less pain, less complications, faster recovery, and the patient can go home immediately after recovery. Or stay in the hospital for only 1-2 days, allowing the patient to return to normal life and can return to exercise or playing sports faster

Endoscopic surgery of the thoracic organs (Video – Assisted Thoracic Surgery VATS)

It is a surgery using a long video camera together with a special long surgical device through a small incision in the intercostal space without having to expand the ribs. It is different from the surgery in the past that used a very long incision together with the excision of one rib. Through a thoracotomy or through the entire sternum (median sternotomy), postoperative pain is much less. The incision is on the side or under the small breasts, affecting aesthetics. The lack of osteotomy allows for a quicker return to work. Average length of hospital stay was 1 – 3 days compared to 5 – 7 days for open surgery.

Gallbladder surgery through a camera (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy).

The surgeon will make a hole and insert an instrument into the abdomen to remove the gallbladder from the liver and remove it through an incision made at the navel. The doctor will use clips to stop bleeding instead of sutures. When the surgery is complete, the abdominal wound is sutured. Since the wound is small, it hurts less.

Laparoscopic appendectomy:

The doctor inserts a camera and surgical instruments through a small incision and removes the appendix. But if the doctor finds that the appendix has ruptured until there is inflammation of the peritoneum caused by infection It may be necessary to switch to open surgery instead. Choosing whether or not to use a laparoscopic surgery depends on the severity and risks assessed from the health of each patient.

Hernia surgery through a camera (Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy)

. and abdominal surgery The patient will have a small incision about 1.5 cm in size and 2 incisions of 0.5 cm. The doctor will pull the hernial sac back into the abdomen. Put the synthetic cover off. by holding it with metal pins It is a minimally invasive surgery that irritates the tissue. Reduce the occurrence of fascia in the abdomen. Less wound pain Reduce complications and recurrence rates All types of inguinal hernias can be repaired on the same side in a single operation. Some people are able to return home immediately after recovery. Or stay in the hospital for only 1-2 days and within a week can live normally. If there is no more soreness within 2-4 weeks, exercise strenuously. or play sports

Colon tumor surgery (laparoscopic colectomy)

The doctor will remove the tumor-bearing colon by viewing images from a monitor. Once the large intestine and tumor have been removed and removed The doctor will sew the unexcised ends of the large intestine together. Or bring the remaining end of the duodenum to open the abdomen. or connect the small intestine to the anus It depends on how much good part of the colon is left. so that patients can return to have the best quality of life

Laparoscopic lysis of adhesion surgery for abdominal fascia. Abdominal fascia is often caused by inflammation of the peritoneum. May be caused by surgery such as hysterectomy, rectal surgery or have an accident The resulting fascia may be strands or sheets. cause the intestines and/or internal organs to stick together, such as the intestines attached to the abdominal wall The ovary tube is attached to the intestines. or the liver is attached to the diaphragm This may cause pain or inflammation of the organ that has been disturbed by fascia. or obstruction Ovarian tube obstruction in women It is necessary to have surgery to remove the fascia. Laparoscopic surgery is an alternative that allows surgery to have a small incision, less pain, reduce the risk of infection and recover.


Laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer surgery

Stomach ulcer or gastric perforation Your doctor will consider surgery, which may include partial removal of the stomach. or complete gastric bypass surgery If it needs to be completely removed, the doctor will connect the esophagus directly to the small intestine so the patient can eat normally. Laparoscopic surgery reduces the risk of complications. And there is not a large scar like an open abdominal surgery.

gynecological surgery (Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgeries )

have evolved sequentially In the past, surgery was quite difficult. Nowadays, it’s easier and more convenient thanks to the innovation and expertise of doctors. From many large incisions, it was reduced to only 0.5-1 cm. Complications that had been encountered a lot from open abdominal surgery were reduced by laparoscopic surgery. And surgery can treat or resolve more diseases, with less pain and faster recovery. Laparoscopic surgery refers to surgery that uses a camera. which looks like a small cylindrical stick to show images of organs invisible to the eye directly on the video monitor. It is inserted through an existing small opening in the body or through a small opening. can be inserted to see the desired organ and have a long, small surgical instrument inserted instead of normal surgical instruments To diagnose and treat gynecological diseases in the pelvic area, both of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, etc.

Gynecological diseases that can be used by laparoscopic surgery

  • Ovarian cyst or some types of tumors in the ovaries
  • uterine fibroids
  • endometriosis
  • Chronic pelvic pain with no known cause
  • infertility
  • with pelvic fascia

GreenLight PVP Laser Surgery (GreenLight 
TM Laser PVP : Photo elective Vaporization of the Prostat e

Green light laser surgery is a more effective treatment for BPH than conventional surgery. Less blood loss, less pain, and faster recovery. Green light laser surgery is an innovative minimally invasive technique for prostate enlargement surgery. This involves inserting a tube with a small camera through the urethra. like laparoscopic surgery but switched from electric cutting to high power laser Shot into an obstructed position in the prostate The laser light will gradually sublimate the tissue obstructing the urinary tract. The advantage is causing less blood loss. This is a gentler and less painful procedure. have a short recuperation period You can return to your routine in 2-3 days. There is also less chance of complications. Suitable for very elderly people or have other underlying diseases such as heart disease or cerebrovascular disease. that cannot stop the anticoagulant drug

before surgery Patients undergoing the procedure will be injected with an anesthetic to block the spinal cord by an anesthesiologist. ready to prepare the patient in the lying position The doctor uses a small, custom-designed laser guide through a channel in the wall of the bladderoscope, which displays images on a video monitor. The doctor will determine the position of the enlarged prostate with a laser with a power of 120 – 180 watts, which will emit a laser light through the side channel near the end of the camera. prostate tissue that obstructs the urinary tract, which is irradiated with a laser Sublimation dissolves gradually and continuously without losing blood. Small air bubbles (Bubbles) float out of the tissue. until it turns into soft, yellow-white tissue, helping to make the narrowed urethra more open

Med Park Hospital’s Hybrid Operating Room It is an extra large operating room. Equipped with the latest 2D, 3D, and 4D medical image generators, the ARTIS Icono Biplane Angiography System, for the treatment of complex diseases. through catheterization in all parts of the body precisely and quickly Sharp images with less contrast. It is also a sterile room. to prevent infection from surgery Supports the collaboration of many multidisciplinary systems at the same time, such as surgeons of various fields. Neurology physicians, radiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and radiologic technicians. Examples of treatments with this device include catheterization through catheterization (TAVI), heart valve repair, and heart valve repair. Closure of the wall between the chambers of the heart Non-surgical treatment of abdominal or cerebral aneurysms Treatment of arrhythmias, etc.

In addition, the equipment in the operating room is designed to be able to move conveniently without obstructing the operation. In addition, Flexmove technology is able to take X-ray images in 360 degrees, allowing doctors to perform more convenient and efficient surgery for complex patients. The operating table can be adjusted in several axes. This allows the surgical treatment to be more flexible and faster.

rehabilitation medicine It is often referred to as “ Physiotherapy ” but actually The scope of regenerative medicine extends beyond that. since the assessment treatment planning Rehabilitation in many forms such as movement training, swallowing training, speaking training, and various muscle training or the development of the patient’s physical fitness to return to normal or as close to normal as possible after surgery Serious injuries, accidents, or to prevent the risk of falls in the elderly. The rehabilitation medicine team diagnoses and supervises the treatment. There is a team of therapists who specialize in various fields to help and a multidisciplinary team such as occupational therapists, nutritionists, dietitians. Clinical psychologists, etc., who are ready to support in order to complete the rehabilitation and take care of all dimensions of life.

The main goal of the rehabilitation center is to rehabilitate the physical functions that have been lost due to illness. or deterioration with age Prevention of health risks and development of maximum official potential for sports

complete, modern

Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Center Med Park Hospital have modern technology and tools ready to help the patient rehabilitate to its fullest potential There is a one-stop service arrangement for the convenience of patients, such as choosing a space on the same floor as the Orthopedic Clinic. and neurology clinic In which most patients have movement disorders that require physical rehabilitation, such as patients with paralysis, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, orthopedic patients, etc.

In addition, the center was designed with the patient’s interests in mind. such as positioning the examination room and the occupational therapy room close to each other so that the doctor can visit the patient at any time during the therapy

Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Center Med Park Hospital There are 2 hydrotherapy pools and it is also the first rehabilitation and physiotherapy center in Thailand with a health garden. (Rehabilitation Garden) with different spaces and textures Let the patient practice walking Train your senses and balance in a shady outdoor atmosphere. from placing the building to receive the northern-south light not too hot

restore full body potential

Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Center Med Park Hospital Providing services covering many areas, including

  • Prehabilitation Helping patients prepare before surgery to prevent complications, such as breathing exercises to reduce pain and help the lungs function at full capacity. Walking training with a walker, etc.
  • Rehabilitation rehabilitation after surgery (Rehabilitation) injury, which specialist doctors and therapists jointly assess and plan the rehabilitation of the patient to suit each individual’s condition.
  • Wellness Promotion of health or health care to prevent, treat, restore and promote physical performance. Especially for the elderly for stepping into a quality aging society, such as preventing falls balance training Increasing the strength of different muscles

Treatment of musculoskeletal diseases (Musculoskeletal Therapy Service)

Locked fingers, office syndrome, torn ligaments, frozen shoulder or musculoskeletal disease. Which is found more and more nowadays from the behavior of modern living in which people tend to be in a posture or have some repetitive behavior causing muscle inflammation or abnormalities Some of these symptoms can be treated with science and innovative technology in regenerative medicine. no surgery

Locked fingers can be cured in 5 minutes.

Innovative use of surgical needles to treat carpal tunnel syndrome through the skin using ultrasound-guided It is an innovation awarded by the National Research Council of the Year 2019. Medical professionals will use an ultrasound machine to examine the locked finger area. Before the needle is inserted, the tendon sheath is swollen and tight, causing the patient to feel pain and unable to move the finger normally. This innovative treatment takes only 5 minutes and can be done in the examination room. No need for surgery to open a large wound like before Patients do not need to stop taking fibrinolytic drugs, so they are safe for the patient. In addition, the patient can live a normal life after the treatment. It is also about 30% cheaper than normal open surgery.

The same treatment innovation Can also be used to treat hand numbness. Or pressure on the nerves around the wrist (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and De quervain’s Tenosynovitis.

Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain (MSK Pain)

Pain from repetitive behaviors such as using computers or cell phones. or playing games continuously for a long time causing pain in the muscles of the shoulders, scapula, neck and back, etc., can be treated by exercising by the patient himself (Active Rehabilitation), where the doctor will evaluate and plan the treatment. And an experienced physiotherapist will help the patient to exercise on their own. and can take care of themselves at home in the long run

Meanwhile, Med Park Hospital There are also modern tools and technology. To help treat pain from the muscles and bones, such as a high power laser machine (High Power Laser) that helps repair and reduce inflammation of tissues to quickly reduce pain, Shockwave machine that regenerates the injured tissue in the painful area. And stimulate the body to repair tissues and after pain relievers, which is a natural process, etc., including manual therapy, such as shoulder bending, etc.

Rehabilitation of neurological patients

Patients with paralysis, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury and spinal injuries Able to undergo rehabilitation of movement, swallowing, speech by a team of physiotherapists who have specific expertise Thorough understanding of individual patient limitations and performance By using various innovative tools and hydrotherapy which will help support the patient and reduce the risk of injury effectively.

Rehabilitation of patients with heart and lung disease

Patients who have undergone heart surgery will be assessed by a rehabilitation physician and planning preparations before surgery So that the patient can practice breathing, walking, and movement until they are familiar with it. Once the surgery is completed, physical rehabilitation will be more effective. and get the patient out of bed. can be self-reliant as soon as possible Starting training before surgery is more effective than starting after surgery because the patient may feel pain. or have limitations that make it impossible to practice at full potential

Taking care of the health of the elderly for independent living

Older people will be able to enjoy a quality life. must be self-reliant not a burden on the family Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Center Med Park Hospital There is a team of experienced doctors and therapists who are ready to help the elderly build their well-being. by exercising to have strong muscles able to balance and maintain good balance which will reduce the risk of falls

Pneumatic exercise machines or weight training machines are also used for seniors to help increase muscle strength and flexibility. reduce the impact of exercise Caring for osteoporosis in the elderly to prevent fractures, fractures, which are the main causes of bedridden and fatal elderly patients. or loss of quality of life

Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Center Med Park Hospital is committed to helping patients rehabilitate their lost health. and develop their potential and performance to the fullest for a quality life independent and self-reliant

diagnostic service

  • Muscle force/nerve conduction analysis using Electro myelogram and Nerve conduction velocity (EMG, NCV, SEP, VEP)
  • physical therapy assessment
  • Prescription pulmonary and respiratory function tests
  • occupational therapy assessment


  • medical acupuncture dry needling
  • Palliative treatment with specific techniques and tools for treatment
  • Treatment of patients with pain problems such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Treatment and training of patients with broken bones and joint problems
  • Treatment of neurological patients such as cerebrovascular patients, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries Congenital cerebral palsy, etc.
  • Patients with balance and coordination problems
  • Patients before and after abdominal surgery and/or chest cavity
  • Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular problems
  • Advice on exercise in prenatal and postnatal patients
  • Increase efficiency/restore muscle function such as patients with sports injuries Patients who need to rehabilitate after various surgical operations after myocardial surgery (Physical fitness) and so on.
  • Assessment of the state of muscle function in order to create an appropriate exercise program.
  • Treatment of patients with cognitive and learning disabilities
  • Practicing skills in doing daily activities
  • Evaluation and treatment of patients with swallowing problems
  • Treatment of patients with hand problems
  • Designing and making equipment according to doctor’s orders
  • stimulating child development
  • Treatment and development of the sensory integration system
  • Preparing children’s educational basic skills


  • high frequency laser light machine for treatment
  • shock wave machine for treatment
  • Separate treatment rooms for outpatients/inpatients Including in-patient services in the room
  • Fitness area with complete exercise equipment and activity trainers suitable for patients
  • hydrotherapy room with 2 heated swimming pools as standard
  • machine to produce ultrasound waves for treatment
  • Radiofrequency heat generator for treatment
  • electric spinal traction machine
  • electrical stimulator It contains many types of electricity.
  • Compression machines for arteriosclerosis
  • laser light generator for treatment
  • The bed rotates upright.
  • exercise equipment with treadmill
  • hand spinning bike and/or pedaling
  • Occupational therapy training room and occupational therapy equipment
  • Swallowing trainer VitalStimPlus Electrotherapy System
  • physical rehabilitation room
  • Balance system assessment equipment
  • High Performance Respiratory Function Tester
  • electromagnetic machine

Radiology Center 

Because quick and accurate diagnosis is the key to providing quality medical services. and effective treatment Med Park Hospital Therefore, the department of radiology has been prepared. which consists of 3 main sections: Diagnostic Radiotherapy, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine

  1. diagnostic radiology

Both in terms of specialized personnel, which has more than 20 people, and there are radiologists on duty 24 hours a day and equipment. Including the latest or most effective diagnostic and treatment technologies such as CT Scan, MRI or a combination of diagnostic techniques. Makes the diagnosis accurate, fast, able to control the amount of radiation received by the body only at the desired treatment area Reduces the risk of affecting nearby organs or tissues.

designed by a doctor

The Radiology Center is located on the 6th floor and has an ultrasound and x-ray machine set up in the emergency department. In order to reduce the time for the procedure and not have to move the patient up-down to the Radiology Center on the 6th floor, the decision to place the centers or tools It is a result of allowing the doctor to be involved with the architect team from the conceptual stage. Functional arrangements and design allow Med Park Hospital to optimize the space and location of each department to maximize the benefits, flexibility, speed and convenience for both workers and patients.

highly experienced team

With a commitment to make Med Park Hospital a different alternative private hospital with quality treatment and service. The radiotherapy center therefore pays attention to the selection of personnel to attend the event. Which must be a person with at least 5 years of work experience as a specialist ready to give advice whether to patients or to doctors and must participate in multidisciplinary teamwork Because the radiology results are only part of the important information. And must rely on clinical information and detailed patient history taking into account. Working with a multidisciplinary team will therefore help the entire team treat and care for patients more efficiently.

close care

The radiology center will send radiologists to work closely with the specialists who own the fever. and regularly visit patients in the ICU with a doctor To give the doctor an opportunity to consult a radiologist immediately to work faster and more accurately both in terms of deciding how to choose a diagnosis method or interpreting radiological examination results Comparison of diagnostic imaging with other diagnostic techniques along with suggesting other diagnostic methods and treatment that may be appropriate

Latest digital tools for patient safety

The medical equipment used by the radiology center for patient services are all digital and use the latest technology such as Digital X-ray Optima 646HD, Moblie X-rayXR240amx, Ultrasound Logiq E10 and E9, Bone Bensitometry, MRI 3 T MAGNETOM. Vida, CT SOMATOM Go Top, CT SOMATOM DRIVE, PET CT Biograph Horizon, SPEC CT Symbia Intevo 6 Selenia Dimensions and Selenia workstation etc.

using the latest technology This has greatly reduced the amount of contrast medium used in x-rays and the amount of radiation used, while maintaining clear image quality for efficient diagnosis. More importantly, it benefits patients. Especially pediatric patients, patients with kidney disease and patients who need to be treated every 3 or 6 months, including patients who need to be screened for lung cancer every year. because it will reduce the risk of side effects from using contrast agents and the effects on nearby organs in irradiation treatment can be greatly reduced

In addition, the new CT Scan machine works faster. Scans can be performed in less than a minute, which can be helpful for patients who are short of breath. or unable to stay still for a long time

Latest MRI machines at Med Park Hospital There is a tunnel that is bigger than before. Facilitates examination of large patients and provide comfort to patients who are afraid of narrow spaces It can also adjust the way of taking pictures. making it possible to capture images faster The patient will spend less time on the examination.

  1. radiotherapy

The use of radiation is highly effective in treating various types of cancer. and some non-cancerous diseases radiotherapy center Med Park Hospital Located on the B2 floor, well designed for safety. Some parts are solid cement walls up to 2.5 meters thick to prevent the leakage of radiation used in treatment.

The radiotherapy center is equipped with modern equipment that is highly effective. Able to irradiate only the desired spot by effectively reducing the impact on organs or healthy tissues adjacent to the lesion Therefore, the patient is not traumatized and able to live a quality life during the treatment. Radiotherapy can be divided into 2 types: remote radiation therapy (Teletherapy) is radiation from the machine to the cancer cells in the patient. and near-field radiation therapy (Brachytherapy) is to put mineral iridium-192. in the lesion location to emit radiation directly from the point where cancer cells are found Before removing the mineral from the patient and the patient can live a normal life.

Med Park Hospital is equipped with 2 linear accelerators and 1 resonator, thus having the potential to accommodate a large number of patients. Including being able to provide continuous service if there is a need for maintenance or new technology upgrades in the future

Careful planning for safe treatment

Because each patient has a physical condition, lesions, and the location to be treated is different. Med Park Hospital It provides tools to help medical physicists plan the most efficient and safe use of radiation for patients.

Planning is an important process that requires a great deal of expertise by the staff. because in some cases Officers must shine light on a point adjacent to vital organs. It is necessary to administer a very high dose of radiation to the site of the lesion. But the radiation dose must be minimized to preserve nearby organs which may be only 2 mm away. Sometimes planning takes a long time to calculate. This is for the safety and good quality of life of patients.

CT Simulator: Siemens SOMATOM Confidence

This latest CT Simulator Used to find the location of the lesion for simulating treatment. This CT Simulator has a large tunnel. Patients can go to bed comfortably without being uncomfortable.

The images obtained from the CT simulator will be used to plan the treatment. in order for the cancer to receive high doses of radiation However, normal nearby organs or vital organs will receive the lowest amount of radiation. When the treatment plan is complete The treatment plan is then returned to the CT Simulator room to locate the beams. so that radiation can be delivered to the same location every time the patient comes for treatment

There is also a Surface Tracking system to detect patient movements, such as moving up and down the chest. because when the patient breathes in and out The tumor moves in rhythm with the breathing, so having a surface tracking system allows the beam to be emitted according to the rhythm of the movement. Make the cancer tumor receive radiation exactly as planned for treatment.

Destroy cancer cells on the spot  

The radiation specialist will work closely with the doctor to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for each patient. every time before radiation therapy The radiation specialist must first check the location of the irradiation point to ensure that it is exactly where it is needed. when the inspection is complete The patient lies still in the room. Staff leave the room for safety and operate the machine from an adjacent control room. The projector head rotates around the patient and delivers a targeted dose of radiation. The whole process takes about 5-30 minutes depending on the projection technique.

before irradiation The staff will talk to the patient to relieve anxiety and reassure the patient. Medical staff may use equipment to immobilize the patient in order to ensure radiation accuracy and patient safety, such as masks or restraint devices, etc., if the patient becomes unwell during radiotherapy. can tell the staff to stop the machine and provide immediate assistance to the patient

ELEKTA Long Range Irradiator Certified by the US FDA.

Med Park Hospital is equipped with 2 remote irradiators capable of receiving a wide range of color exposure techniques, from Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT) to more complex irradiation techniques such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Volumetric. Modulated Arc Therapy (VAMT) and 4D Techniques, which can greatly reduce the amount of radiation received by nearby organs. Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) guided imaging tools enhance the efficiency of detecting the irradiation position precisely as required by the physician.

  • The ELEKTA Infinity TM irradiator delivers 6MV and 10MV X-rays and 6,8,10,12,15 MeV electron rays, making it possible to treat cancers of different depths. The built-in 160-tooth Multileaf Collimator with 160 teeth allows the irradiation area to be determined according to the shape of the tumor.
  • The ELEKTA Versa works the same as the ELEKTA Infinity and has the addition of Flattening Filter Free (FFF) X-rays. make radiation faster And the bed can be adjusted in 6 directions. There is also a motion management position detection system before irradiation. making it highly accurate suitable for the treatment of small cancers Or in a position close to important organs, such as radiotherapy, surgery, Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) techniques.


Mineral insertion machine ELEKTA Flexitron

near-field radiation therapy Your doctor will insert a specific device into the cancer. in order for the cancer to receive the highest radiation while the surrounding organs receive a low dose of radiation when a suitable treatment plan has been obtained Radioactive Iradium-192 will move to the specified location When the time is up, the machine will

Pull the mineral tablets back into the machine. Patients can go home without radiation. Able to live with family normally This therapy is suitable for treating cervical cancer. endometrial cancer and prostate cancer with the availability of both locations modern technology and a team of experts from interdisciplinary fields make med park hospital Ready to provide effective diagnosis and radiation treatment services and for the greatest convenience to the patient To help patients live a normal and quality life with confidence and peace of mind.

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