London to Istanbul Rail Adventure
From London To Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Sibiu, Brasov, Bucharest, Istanbul, - 12 Nights

Departing from:
Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Sibiu, Brasov, Bucharest, Istanbul,
12 Nights
Private taliormade rail adventure
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Undiscovered Destinations
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Our love of exploration leads us to take you east on this odyssey to the furthest reaches of the continent. Two days of luxuriously relaxing to the rocking cadences of rail travel across France’s northern countryside and the foothills of Switzerland bring you to the drama of the majestic Arlberg Pass which wends its way through the stunning Alpine scenery of the Austrian Tyrol to the dignified grandeur of Vienna. After taking the opportunity to luxuriate in the Baroque glories of its palaces, churches and parks, the line sweeps you onward to Budapest, a city which seemingly straddles eastern and western Europe.

Here there is time to pause and wander the chic, but sociable streets of Hungary’s historic capital, before next morning your train moves steadily eastwards and upwards towards Romania’s fabled Transylvanian Alps and the delightful medieval towns of Sibiu and Braşov. Let your imagination run wild a little amidst the romantic squares, noble city walls and maze of cobbled streets which make these architectural gems truly enthralling. Beyond, when the time seems right, take the gentle descent to Bucharest to spend a day wandering the remarkable sights of the Old Town, before the call of Istanbul gathers momentum and your journey continues: the imposing Danube crossing leads on to the rolling, forested contours of Bulgaria, and then the much anticipated Turkish border. As dawn breaks, the ancient capital of the Byzantine Empire rises from greyness, its antique heart outlined by elegant domes, graceful minarets and mighty fortifications, welcoming you to wander through a piece of truly momentous and exotic history.


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