PNG Coast to the Highlands Adventure
From Port Moresby To Rabaul, Mt Hagen - 8 Nights

Departing from:
Port Moresby
Rabaul, Mt Hagen
8 Nights
This is a private tour. Dates available throughout the year. Contact our office for details.
Tour Operator:
Trans Nuigini Tours
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A land of geological contrasts, PNG is marked by 4500 meter mountains, expansive rain forest terrain, vast river delta systems and pristine coral atolls. Such diversity is only rivaled by the people themselves whose traditions remain an active part of everyday life and are as varied and breathtaking as the landscape that surrounds them. On this tour will will spend time exploring Rabaul, a tropical city in East New Britain Provence and Mount Hagen in the Highlands.


Day 1 Fri
Arrive in Port Moresby. Fly with Air Niugini to Rabaul. Overnight Kokopo Beach Resort. Accommodation is provided in modern, private, self-contained bungalows – all with a waterfront aspect. Located in the town of Kokopo, a popular base for exploring the history, culture and environmental diversity of East New Britain. Amenities include: complimentary continental breakfast, outdoor pool, private volcanic sand beach, restaurant, bar, gift shop

Day 2 Sat
Full Day Tour. Take a tour of the war relics, barge tunnels and caverns on the road from Kokopo to Rabaul. Or visit the Duke of York Islands, 45 minutes from Kokopo by boat, where you can scuba dive, snorkel and picnic under the coconut trees overlooking aquamarine waters. Overnight Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort

Day 3 Sun
Full Day Tour. Take a stroll through the Kokopo markets to see what’s in season and taste some local fare. Get up close and personal with an active volcano (Tavurvur) on the edge of Simpson Harbour. Observe the mesmerising dance rituals of the Baining Fire Dancers in the mountain forests.  Overnight Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort

Day 4 Mon
Fly to Port Moresby. Connect to Mt Hagen. Overnight Rondon Ridge. 7100 feet above sea level, on the outer fringes of the Kubor Range, lies Rondon Ridge. Boasting panoramic views of the Wahgi Valley below, Rondon Ridge is the pinnacle of luxury in a remote and rural setting. It is a spectacular introduction to our lodges on arrival and a welcome stepping stone to civilization before departure from Mount Hagen. Rondon Ridge is located in the mountains above the city from where you can marvel at the stunning vista of the surrounding mountains and the city below.

Guests are accommodated in twenty-four tastefully appointed rooms with modern en-suite bathrooms and warmed king beds for those fresh highlands nights. Rondon Ridge has 24-hour, eco-friendly electricity, provided by its own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream.

Rondon Ridge is a 40-minute drive from the town of Mount Hagen and just under an hour from the airport. There are several daily flights between Mount Hagen and the capital, Port Moresby.

Mount Hagen City is the business heart of the Papua New Guinea highlands supporting a number of important industries such as tea, coffee, mining and transportation. It is a city where stone meets steel and where tradition and history is juxtaposed against modern ways.

Day 5 Tue
Full Day Tour. A comprehensive touring program takes you on a journey through the traditions and customs of the Melpa People. First contact with the Melpa was made in the mid-1930’s. The Melpa people are “true farmers” that still maintain traditional farming methods that can be traced back 9,000 years. They are said by anthropologists to be ‘predisposed to capitalism’ because of their complex traditional society in which ‘big men’ earn status by accruing wealth and then giving it all away in a ceremonial exchange called ‘Moka’. In addition, you may have the opportunity to visit the fascinating Pogla Mudmen, famed for their unique bilas and the ancient story that surrounds it. Overnight Rondon Ridge

Day 6 Wed
Fly by charter to Karawari. Half Day Tour. Overnight Karawari Lodge.

One of the most remote and un-spoilt destinations in Papua New Guinea – the lodges private airstrip and the Karawari River being the only way in or out. Stilted villages line the edges of flooded waterways and dug out canoes are the primary mode of transport. There are no roads and no shops. Sepik’s live completely off the land and river, weaving baskets for catching fish; gathering, preparing and cooking their staple food from the Sago Palm.

Karawari Lodge arranges river excursions in 18-seat motorized jet boats to the surrounding villages where you visit traditional homes, witness ceremonial dances and celebrations and are honoured with a glimpse traditional life.

Day 7 Thu
Full Day Tour.  Sepik’s express their culture and beliefs through their art, inspiring the carving of incredible masks, drums, baskets and sculptures that integrate with their daily life and animist beliefs. Village tours allow you to observe master carvers at work and purchase from a selection of finely hand-crafted artefacts. This tropical lowland rainforest is one of earth’s most complex of habitats, housing an immense variety of flora and fauna – a staggering 229 different bird species have been recorded at Karawari. Optional early morning/late afternoon birding is available at no extra charge for opportunities to spot elusive 12-Wire Birds of Paradise, cockatoos, parrots, hornbills, cormorants and other water birds.     Overnight Karawari Lodge

Day 8 Fri
Fly with Air Niugini to Port Moresby. Overnight The Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel and Suites is situated in Waigani the Commercial and Government heart of Port Moresby. The hotel is connected to Port Moresby’s only integrated shopping complex, Vision City Mega Mall, giving you direct access to a Bank, Nightclub, Cinema, Supermarket and Restaurants. All this without having to drive anywhere.

Day 9 Sat
Transfer to international flight out

Contact our office if you wish to extend your stay in Port Moresby or elsewhere in PNG.


Land Cost Includes: Accommodation, meals at Trans Niugini Tours facilities and breakfast at The Stanley Hotel, transfers, tours and local guides

Charter Flights: US$1046.00 per person
Wed Day 6 Mount Hagen/Karawari
Fri Day 8 Karawari/Mount Hagen

Rates are valid from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022

Important Note:

You are to book and ticket the domestic Air Niugini flights together with your international flights.

Air Niugini (PX) Domestic Flights:
Fri Day 1 PX274 Port Moresby/Rabaul
Mon Day 4 PX275 Rabaul/Port Moresby
Mon Day 4 PX182 Port Moresby/Mount Hagen
Fri Day 8 PX187 Mount Hagen/Port Moresby

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