RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat is a new approach to wellness, a bespoke method that meets every unique individual’s need. Established to empower The highly motivated and health conscious by treating the body as a whole and unearthing the root cause of imbalance. With the gentle kindness and unique touch of traditional Thai hospitality, we are a welcome sanctuary amidst a verdant tropical landscape, ready to return you to your optimal self.

The visionary approach from our healing specialists and certified doctors creates a truly transformative experience through the combination of ancient holistic treatments with cutting-edge technology. World-class medical doctors from the internationally accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital and experts of time-honoured healing disciplines bring science and tradition together to unveil the complete story of your health. The physical, mental and emotional are synergised into a programme designed to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.


The results from our comprehensive tests and assessments lay the foundation
of your tailor-made treatment programme and are vital for customising the
training, dining and leisure decisions you make while you are with us in our
tropical cocoon. They also enable our doctors to determine what underlying
causes could be affecting your wellbeing and how best to treat them.
For those in the best of health, analysis of the tests can also provide
the blueprint for how to keep you that way.
RAKxa’s medical doctors are members of the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Centre,
hand-picked for their insight and expertise in wellness,
anti-aging, and specialised medicine.


Set in Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’, an emerald oasis nestled along the Chao Phraya River, RAKxa’s carefully designed facilities blend seamlessly into the native landscape. Inspired by the tranquillity and simplicity of this green environment, our identity is deeply rooted in the local culture, as well as the ethos of the land.
Nourishing sunlight and verdant natural surrounds reset internal rhythms as you embark on a journey to enhanced wellbeing. At RAKxa, you are held by nature’s soothing serenity: the perfect place to reconnect with yourself.


Your wellness journey begins before arrival at RAKxa with the assignment of a personal Health & Wellness Advisor. Our advisors, who are trained health professionals, will be your guide before, during and after your stay. They begin with correspondence via email and phone calls to ascertain your current and previous state of health and wellbeing and therefore which of our packages are best suited to you. This knowledge will form the base of a bespoke programme of care meticulously crafted for you at RAKxa.


Our internationally certified specialists and analysts explore every detail of your health. Building upon the pre-diagnosis provided by the Health & Wellness Advisor, a series of diagnostic tests and assessments are recommended that are most relevant to your individual needs. The comprehensive range of tests cover DNA, epigenetics, gut microbiome, micronutrients, hormone and inflammation. The scientific data is then professionally analysed and shared with our expert  team to ensure every element of your health will be looked after in a programme of care unlike any other.

(Holistic Wellness Centre)

Here, tradition and technology converge to create a bespoke journey unseen before. RAKxa’s Holistic Wellness Centre brings together revered schools of healing, age-old teachings that underpin some of today’s most lauded modern methodologies. Despite origins in different countries and cultures, each method of holistic care, back up by scientific results, shares the belief that true wellness is an alliance between body, mind, and spirit. Only through this truly integrative approach can we aim for a long-lasting, positive impact. Our physicians and practitioners come to us with a wealth of experience, evolved over time and across generations, entrusted with a sacred knowledge and understanding of each discipline that cares and cures harmoniously.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is over 2,000 years old and one of the most internationally recognised systems of health care. Its chief tenet is that of Qi, the body’s vital energy believed to circulate through channels that connect all our bodily organs and functions together. In alignment with the RAKxa philosophy, TCM aims to create a harmony of the internal body and external world, to rebalance the yin and yang through the elements of fire, earth, water, wood and metal. Our therapeutic treatments carried out by masters of this medicine include acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies as well as tai chi and qigong for ultimate movement and energy healing.


At RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat, our therapeutic spa experience goes beyond expectations. Nestled in lush tropical fauna overlooking the lagoon, our spa oasis with comforting treatment rooms offer a refined selection of renowned Thai massages, healing treatments and therapies designed to dissolve the stresses built up in your body and restore balance. The spa offers an invitation to unwind and detox in your own time with the extensive hydrothermal facilities including a herbal steam using handpicked herbs from the garden, an infrared sauna, ice-moon shower, vitality pool using hot and cold therapy and many other treatments designed to cleanse and heal the body and soothe your mental state to one of complete calm.


Traditional Thai Medicine at RAKxa is rooted in the knowledge of the Thai Royal Family from the time of King Rama II, passed down from generation to generation, and now in the capable hands of RAKxa’s traditional Thai medicine doctors and practitioners. We offer a range of treatments to help you on your path to optimised wellbeing including traditional Thai therapeutic and oil massages, stress relief and reduction techniques, woman care therapies and traditional Thai beauty treatments renowned for their abilities in enhancing healthy skin and for their aromatic scent.


Dating back over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic philosophy denotes each individual has a specific constitution called prakruti, determining your physical, physiological, and mental character. Your prakruti is a balance between three bodily energies called doshas-pitta, vata, and kapha-that can be thrown off by innumerable factors from the environmental to the emotional. To help rebalance your doshas and achieve enhanced wellbeing, RAKxa’s Ayurvedic doctors use yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, diet, and numerous herbal remedies. Feel renewed with treatments to stimulate circulation, regulate digestion, strengthen muscles, bones, and blood vessels; improve your skin and body tone and activate the body’s powerful self-healing capabilities.


Energy healing is a practice that has been around for centuries, and one that our talented gurus conduct with grace and skill. At RAKxa, we offer unique examples  of this methodology from all corners of the world: singing bowls from ancient Tibet; Zena Thai which uses a combination of Chi Nei Tsang and craniosacral therapy; chakra and pranic healing, part of ancient Ayurveda methodology, and healing with crystals which dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. The transformative effects of energy healing help to unleash joy and peace by enhancing your body’s chemistry and hormone levels, unblocking energy channels and improving your overall wellbeing.


RAKxa’s team of physiotherapists and personal trainers ensure that your specific physical therapy needs are met for a deeper, long lasting method of corrective care. Our experts conduct a comprehensive body analysis of each and every guest using state-of-the-art equipment such as Keiser, InBody, and Technogym, used by medical researchers, sport scientists and professional athletes the world over. Following a thorough assessment, a completely individualised training  programme will be created based on the principles of corrective exercise, performance rehabilitation, and neuromuscular training. These medically approved techniques cleverly connect brain, muscles, and nerves through clear and quick communication with one another, resulting in improved movement, muscle memory, strength, balance, and overall functionality. Your training programme will be specifically tailored to your conditions and abilities, as well as your personal wellness goals.


At RAKxa, we believe that good food is integral to overall health and wellbeing. Based on an anti-inflammatory philosophy, our carefully curated menus strive to minimise, and eventually eliminate, harmful toxins that have accumulated in your body. Our culinary team create dishes using only the finest natural ingredients – fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, nutrient-dense carbs and grains; and of course essential superfoods, spices, and herbs, many of which are grown in our garden. Our chefs, who have a wealth of health-conscious cooking experience, make the most delectable international and regional dishes to tantalise your palate, whilst giving you the opportunity to take their creations and knowledge home through live demonstrations, cooking classes, and step-by-step recipe breakdowns.


Discover unusual ancient infusions alongside modern blends brought in from the rolling tea plantations across Asia. Our sommeliers unveil select tea origins and how best to use each for their unique health benefits. Tea pairings are also available with dinners at our speciality restaurant. We invite you to enjoy tea for its health benefits, make new connections during group sharing sessions, and take part in a traditional tea making ceremony.


In-house and visiting specialists offer hands-on activities to inform and educate, from foraging field trips to fermentation master classes. Infuse your exercise  repertoire with an advanced yoga class or unearth the science of a sound bath, our daily workshops and classes will help you furnish your self-care tool kit with essential brand new skills. Although private sessions are also available, our workshops are best enjoyed with others in intimate sized groups, providing the perfect environment to socialise and make meaningful connections.


At RAKxa, we understand that not everyone enjoys the gym. With this in mind, our expert team have created an enticing programme of activities to cater for every unique individual’s need. Aside from therapeutic mind and body activities such as tai chi, yoga and meditation, our diverse range of recreational activities include happiness spreading Spanish dance classes on the lawn; aqua cardio exercises in the pool; lessons in the mindfulness sport of archery and invigorating Muay Thai boxing, in-line with Thai tradition.


Our main restaurant serves honest, healthy cuisine without compromising on taste. Derived from the most delectable dishes across the globe, the menus are built purely on chemical-free ingredients supplemented with sustainable meats and seafood. The restaurant’s desserts use natural sources of sweetness with versions to cater for every dietary requirement possible. The on-hand nutritionist, who has been updated with your health assessments and tailored programme requirements, offers guidance and assistance to ensure each dining experience is exciting and delicious.


Our speciality Asian restaurant draws inspiration from local ancient wisdom in traditional recipes from Thailand and neighbouring countries including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, which make up the Lower Mekong Basin. UKHAO’s tasting menus pay homage to the region’s masterful use of spices and wild herbs, highlighted in curries, broths, and little-known preparations using local and seasonal produce. Meats and seafood are all sustainably sourced, while a vegan menu offers fully plant-based versions of these unique Asian flavours.


From traversing nature trails to movement classes, archery lessons and organic food lectures, enriching experiences are planned at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat to ensure that every moment you spend with us is fulfilling.


At RAKxa, we believe that nature holds the ultimate power to re-sync our rhythms and restore balance. Our Botanical Wellness Journey Landscape has been designed to inspire and heal, with floral scented air and gazes of green in every direction. Lose yourself amongst the curves and colours of the tropical plants growing along our sprawling lagoon and in its waters, visible up-close from floating wooden pavilions. Stop in the Culinary Garden to learn the names
and uses of our local herbs and spices, as well as how and when they should be picked and mixed into your teas or meals. Allow the sun to soak your skin with
essential Vitamin D before dipping in the salt-water pool to refresh and revive.


An oasis within an oasis. Like Bang Krachao, your villa serves as its own private sanctuary. Inside, earth tone spaces have been designed to prioritise deep rest and relaxation, eschewing overly decorative furnishings for charming handcrafted pieces reflecting the local community’s way of life. Ample living areas make way for leisurely pursuits, while a spacious bathroom can be turned into your private pampering zone, complete with all-natural amenities personalised according to your treatment plan. Bedrooms are strictly for sleeping, furnished with inviting soft fabrics and blackout curtains to ensure a peaceful and restorative night’s sleep. Draw them open in the morning to reveal your private garden, yet another ever-changing ecosystem waiting to be explored. Get to know the indigenous flowers that take turns blooming and perfuming at different times of day.

3 types of villas (Space) [Total 62 units] Garden Villa (80 sq.m.) [40 units] Pool Villa (101 sq.m.) [20 units] Yu Dee Residence and Mee Suk Residence (400 sq.m.) [2 units]


Discover the foundations of the RAKxa philosophy with this introductory package, fundamental to other individualised programmes on offer at our retreat. Providing an in-depth understanding of underlying health issues, Discover RAKxa empowers you to select the most appropriate course of treatment for future care. Designed to enhance energy levels and the metabolism, the healing therapies delightfully de-stress and improve bodily function. This programme gives you a true sense of RAKxa with the flexibility to choose from different of treatment options, varying from a selection of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy healing and physical movement sessions. Discover RAKxa is an opportunity to connect with yourself and to know yourself better.


Our expert team of functional medicine doctors and health and wellness advisors guide you through your detox journey by creating an effective, safe, and personalised programme. The treatments are designed to eliminate harmful toxins in the body by integrating innovative technology with cleansing cuisine. Detoxifying vitamin IV fluids, massage and traditional detoxifying therapies, and mind and spiritual healing sessions are incorporated for physical and mental wellbeing. The package is suitable for anyone with low levels of energy and symptoms of brain fog, constipation, unwanted body odour, physical aches and pains, skin conditions and chemical sensitivities. This RAKxa journey also specialises in reducing the detrimental effects of our polluted environment removing harmful heavy metals and oxidants, at the same time as helping to ease symptoms of migraines and allergies.


The RAKxa Weight Management Programme is specific to each guest’s genotype, lifestyle and body type. With the full support of the Health & Wellness Advisor, functional medicine doctors, as well as specialists in nutrition, physical therapy, hormone balance and detoxification, this programme will ensure the results desired are well within reach. Discover the secrets of long term weight management and the fundamentals of weight loss technology, by balancing and enhancing your energy, hormone and metabolism and integrating treatments such as ice, light and fire therapy. The weight management package can be continued in the comfort of your own home, with a personalised nutrition plan and online programme created and assisted by a VitalLife dietician.


Gut health is linked to numerous aspects of overall health from immunity disorders to emotional stress to chronic illnesses including cancer and diabetes.  Improving the health of your gut is essential and one our expert team at RAKxa conduct through a holistic approach, integrated with cutting edge diagnostics to discover any imbalances in your body. The Health & Wellness Advisor will guide you through the treatment programme comprising a combination of functional medicine therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine, to help restore and balance your digestive system in unison with appropriate diet and lifestyle mentoring. The result will ultimately enhance your immunity, reduce allergy symptoms and lead to an overall sense of positive wellbeing.


Dissolve the stresses that have slowly built up in your body, release tension and restore balance in our tropical surrounds, botanical garden and private green healing space in your villa. RAKxa offers de-stress packages to enhance bodily function and immunity with massage therapy, mindfulness activities and nature based courses as well as in-depth scientific support to unearth any underlying issues. By identifying your specific needs, we provide targeted stress management that will help you to feel calmer and more positive, promote better sleep and a balanced circadian rhythm, as well as enhancing energy levels. At RAKxa, we help you de-stress during your stay and continue this journey long after you have returned home.


Whether you are experiencing moderate mobility and posture issues, require post-operative rehabilitation or need to prevent and treat osteoporosis and joint pains, this thorough package is a wonderful way to get mobile and feel renewed. The Health & Wellness Advisor will assist you in finding the right course of treatment, while the medical gym team will work with you to investigate the root cause of any issues. Personalised programmes based on the latest medicine and sport science breakthroughs support your goals of achieving the ultimate in health and fitness. Through musculoskeletal restoration, functional performance will be improved and movement quality enhanced; sport and activity performance will increase; and the elimination of annoying aches and pains will give you a whole new lease of life.


Escape life’s hustle and bustle and unwind in our peaceful environment providing the perfect backdrop to take your beauty care to the next level. The best aesthetic doctors in the country are on-hand to help you achieve your beauty goals and create personalised treatments to satisfy every desire. Know the real you with the help of VitalLife aesthetic medical specialists and discover that beauty is not just skin deep through beneficial nutrient and antioxidant infusions, supported by the most advanced medical aesthetic tightening technology. During your stay for our facial solution treatments, other additional therapies can be added, to make the most of your time.


Begin your journey to increased self-esteem with the help of our body solution treatment and targeted lipolysis by mesotherapy. The programme utilises painless, scientific-based body analysis to create a truly bespoke plan created for each unique body design, helping you to reach your perfect body image. Fire and ice elements are used to sculpt your body to the most desirable contours, with a balanced metabolism provided by a VitalLife infusion formulation to set you in the right direction for future weight management.


Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. At RAKxa we combine innovative external beauty treatments with personalised wellness therapies, focusing on effective prevention and treatment of age-related conditions, to rebalance your inner wellbeing and help you feel great. This beneficial blend of both the facial and body solution treatments during the same stay is a completely individualised programme carefully created utilising state-of-the-art diagnostics and anti-aging therapies.